February 15, 2021

Day: February 15, 2021

How Tech is Shaping the Future of Finance

Finance and technology, now dubbed fintech, presents opportunities for entrepreneurs with innovative solutions.

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Technology and finance have always been intertwined, from the invention of the abacus to make financial calculations easier to the mammoth supercomputers that are used to drive complex financial models today. The fintech industry was born out of that merger, and now the majority of financial activity is carried out on

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Florida man who used CARES Act PPP loan money to buy a Lamborghini pleads guilty

Don’t try and buy one of these with money stolen from the government.


So, it’s not a great idea to attempt to scam the government. It has a lot of resources and entire departments of smart and officious people who are dedicated solely to tracking you down and peeing in your Wheaties (figuratively speaking).

That said, it’s probably an even worse idea to defraud the government of millions of dollars in Paycheck Protection Program loans and use some of that money to buy a Lamborghini. That’s just what Miami resident David Hines, 29, did last year. We reported on

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Kevin Hart’s personal shopper allegedly stole $1.2 million from the comedian

A personal shopper hired by Kevin Hart has been charged with defrauding the Philly native of $1.2 million through unauthorized credit card purchases. 

Dylan Jason Syer, 29,  of Queens, allegedly used the comedian’s credit cards to purchase high-end jewelry and fashion items, including two Louis Vuitton bags and five Patek Philippe watches, and an array of fine art and collectibles, including a Sam Friedman painting, 16 Bearbrick dolls and five KAWS figures. 

Syer was charged Wednesday with grand larceny, identity theft and criminal possession of stolen property. He faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

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Video shows how Earth’s tectonic plates moved over 1 billion years

The land mass that became Antarctica once sat along the Equator. Over Earth’s history, several supercontinents have broken up and come back together like the Backstreet Boys.

Our current seven continents and five oceans are the result of more than 3 billion years of planetary evolution, the tectonic plates crisscrossing atop the semi-solid ooze of Earth’s core. 

But charting the precise movements of those plates over all that time is challenging; existing models are often piecemeal, span only a few million years, or focus on just continental or oceanic changes, not both. 

Now, for the first time, a group of

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I had no money for groceries after Ric Ocasek died

Paulina Porizkova says she was so cash poor after her estranged husband Ric Ocasek died, she was forced to rely on friends to buy groceries.

The model, 55, made the startling revelation during a two-part conversation with Paula Polito, vice chairwoman of UBS Global Wealth Management. 

Porizkova had never signed a prenup with the Cars rocker in 1989, something which she now deeply regrets.

Ocasek died suddenly in September 2019 and Porizkova was stunned to learn that he had cut her out of his will, claiming the model had “abandoned” him. Despite their separation, the two still lived in the

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Pioneering in-home and personal care start-up recruiting up to 500 independent care assistants across London

– Elunow, which officially launched in the UK in January, is looking to recruit up to 500 independent care assistants to provide in-home and personal care services through its innovative on-line portal

– The recruitment drive supports the government’s “Care for Others. Make a Difference” campaign, which launched last week

– Qualified care assistants or anyone interested in a career as an independent care assistant are encouraged to visit https://care.elunow.com to find out more

LONDON, Feb. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As part of its launch in the UK, pioneering in-home and personal care start-up, Elunow, is looking to recruit

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