February 19, 2021

Day: February 19, 2021

Why Printers Are The Worst : Planet Money : NPR

Andrew Harr/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Hewlett-Packard Co. inkjet cartridges sit on display at the J&R Music World store in New York, U.S., on Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2009.

Andrew Harr/Bloomberg via Getty Images

DeLores Williams still remembers the day her printer stopped working. It was a Saturday, in September 2016. She walked, as she often does, to her home office to print photos of her grandkids. But when she clicked print, she didn’t hear her printer working. Finally, it did. But what came out were blobs of color.

Across the country, other people were running into similar problems. What’s more, they all had printers made by the same company, HP.

Williams called HP customer service. She spent hours with them on the phone,

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Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Quibi takes shot at billionaire’s personal life

Quibi, the defunct streaming service founded by Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, wants to know whether Elliott Management’s financing of a patent lawsuit against it was motivated by a personal relationship between the hedge fund’s billionaire founder and a top executive.

In a brief filed late Thursday, Quibi questioned a romantic relationship between Paul Singer, Elliott’s founder and chief executive, and a coworker whose son is employed by Eko, the interactive-video company claiming trade-secret theft by Quibi.

“Elliott’s motivation for involvement in the lawsuit appears personal,” the filing said.

Quibi lawyers in Los Angeles federal court filing demanded access to communications

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Business owner flees Seattle for Arizona, says liberal-run city ‘circling the drain’

A former Seattle business owner who moved away after 40 years said on Wednesday that the liberal city is on a downward spiral.

Joey Rodolfo, a clothing designer and co-founder of Buki clothing, told “Fox & Friends” that he was back in the city recently and believes the governor and mayor have failed to address protests and riots by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, including this past weekend.

“There’s no consequences. And we have a city attorney that turns his back on business people and lets these people just run wild in the city and destroy property. Seattle, unfortunately, is

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DTC Insurance Company Lemonade Uses Art To Connect With Its Youthful Customers

Lemonade’s Instagram art

The insurance market is highly competitive, with big marketing budgets and highly recognizable mascots – like the Geico gecko and Progressive’s Flo.

The direct-to-consumer insurance company Lemonade (which went public in July) started four years ago in New York City offering renters’ insurance – the type of $60 per year policies  the  big guys didn’t want to bother with.

Lemonade’s strategy is to sign up customers for its inexpensive renters’ insurance policies, and keep them happy with customer service features like three-second, automated claims payouts. When those customers buy a home, adopt a pet or buy life

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Yahoo Finance: Dave Nadig Talks Inflation, Bitcoin & Volatility

For this week’s “ETF Report” on Yahoo Finance, with host Alexis Christoforous, ETF Trends’ CIO and Director of Research, Dave Nadig, was on hand to go over a variety of areas concerning the market, including rising interest rates, inflation, precious metals, and the continued struggles over a potential bitcoin ETF.

Starting with rising interest rates and the possible rise of inflation, Nadig feels the rising growth and earning expectations may be working for investors as far as positioning portfolios and other preparations. However, it is important to recognize that inflation may be here, but it may not be hitting the

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Pigeon Guys Face Tough Times: ‘Who Has the Money? Who Has the Roof?’

On a cold, rainy evening in December, a terrified pigeon crash-landed onto a table in the outdoor seating area of a retro-themed bar in Ocean Hill, Brooklyn.

Circling overhead was a Cooper’s hawk that had accidentally dropped the bird and certainly wanted its dinner back. The bar owners kept the scene from turning gruesome by quickly covering the bloodied pigeon with napkins until the predator flew away.

The cocktail drinkers may have been startled, but the pigeon, which had spent most of its life in a coop on a rooftop across the street, would require care before it was able

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