February 22, 2021

Day: February 22, 2021

Carbon-Free Electricity Requires Policies To Build And Finance Transmission And Storage

By Nives Dolšak, Aseem Prakash, and Nathan Shih

Recent Texas ice storms have placed the issues of grid stability, connectivity, and hardening on the front page. Although some politicians have blamed frozen wind turbines for the generation shortfalls, data suggests that renewable energy performed better than fossil fuels. Wind contributes to about 25% of the state’s

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How much money you should have saved for retirement by 30, 35 and 40

Budgeting on a fixed-income can be stressful.

Many Americans say they’ll have financial peace of mind when they have enough money to live comfortably the rest of their lives.

Around 75% of retirees say that uncertainty over having a fully funded retirement is their biggest fiscal stressor, according to the 2020 Four Pillars of the New Retirement study by investment company Edward Jones.

Retiring early means you’ll need to fund decades of your life without a steady salary to bolster your budget.

Luckily, if you can save enough money now, you can pay for your retirement by living off returns.     

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Is Your Employer Aware? The 7 Levels of Personal and Business Consciousness

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While the world is struggling to find answers to almost everything amidst uncertainty and the fall of deeply rooted paradigms, we are witnessing a pivotal moment for humanity that, although it is not known where it will lead, if you are prepared to take advantage of it, it can be an instance of growth like no other.

Beyond difficulties and conjunctures, we hear more and more talk about

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4 tips for starting or reinventing a business in tough times | News

Think the best time to start a business is in a booming economy? Maybe. But some of the biggest business success stories in recent decades actually came from a good idea hatched during a recession.

Consider these names: CNN, Uber, Airbnb and Square. There are many more.

The effects of COVID-19 are forcing existing businesses to reinvent themselves, and some of today’s most significant business obstacles will spark new startups offering innovative solutions.

With the pandemic quickly shifting consumer behavior, more than $3 trillion is expected to be lost or moved to the businesses best prepared to exploit the possibilities,

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Biden changes PPP loan rules, only small firms can claim for 2 weeks

  • Biden is changing PPP rules so that only businesses with fewer than 20 employees can claim loans.
  • The restriction will last two weeks from Wednesday.
  • The president is expected to formally announce the changes on Monday.
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President Joe Biden is set to change the main US coronavirus aid program for small businesses on Monday to try to reach smaller, minority-owned businesses and sole proprietors left behind in previous rounds of aid.

Biden administration officials said that for two weeks starting on Wednesday, the Small Business Administration would accept applications for forgivable

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Climate Threats Could Mean Big Jumps in Insurance Costs This Year

Previous efforts to increase flood insurance rates have been delayed or rolled back in the face of public pressure. In 2012, Congress passed a law that would have brought rates in line with the full risk people faced; two years later, lawmakers backed down, replacing those changes with more modest increases.

FEMA’s new flood insurance system has prompted similar concerns. The new rates were initially supposed to take effect last October, but members of Congress warned FEMA about the effect that increases would have on their constituents. The Trump administration delayed the new rates until this year,

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