February 25, 2021

Day: February 25, 2021

TikTok To Pay $92 Million To Settle Class-Action Suit Over ‘Theft’ Of Personal Data : NPR

TikTok on Wednesday agreed to pay $92 million to settle claims stemming from a class-action lawsuit alleging the app illegally tracked and shared the personal data of users without their consent.

Kiichiro Sato/AP

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Kiichiro Sato/AP

TikTok on Wednesday agreed to pay $92 million to settle claims stemming from a class-action lawsuit alleging the app illegally tracked and shared the personal data of users without their consent.

Kiichiro Sato/AP

TikTok has agreed to pay $92 million to settle dozens of lawsuits alleging that the popular video-sharing app harvested personal data from users, including information using facial recognition

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Three Keys To Growing A Good Business Into A Great One

Nhat H. Ngo is Chief Commercial Officer at Medical Solutions, a leading provider of total workforce solutions for healthcare staffing.

The ability to grow a good business into a great one is dependent on a multitude of factors and critical decisions — the least of which is the courage and commitment to transform with a short- and long-term plan supported by leadership.

A company’s growth potential is often pinned to leadership’s willingness to move outside of their comfort zone and beyond the status quo. Fear of change can lead to missed opportunities that may allow competitors to gain

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Western Union Boosts Business FX Payments

Western Union Business Solutions, the payments arm of Western Union, is looking at expanding its cross-border payment services for business customers, a press release says.

According to the release, Western Union Business Solutions has integrated SWIFT Global Payments Initiative and also boosted its international currency options.

“We are continuously advancing our capabilities to give our clients the tools to access the growing global marketplace. Adding GPI Swift and expanding our currency portfolio within our Mass Payments API advances not only our competitive advantage but that of our customers”, said Scott Johnson, Head

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Florida Legislature Weighs Options to Address Rising Homeowners Insurance Costs

Three bills currently working their way through the Florida Legislature are designed to tackle the rising costs of homeowner roof claims, the costs of attorney fees in homeowner’s claims and issues surrounding notice to insurance carriers.

The proposed legislations come less than two years after Florida enacted an assignment of benefits law for homeowners’ property claims. But these latest efforts are meant to address the increasing costs of homeowners insurance due to market forces that were not addressed by the 2019 AOB bill. While these bills are preliminary and not law yet, it shows a shift in the legislature to

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Important Financial and Tax Deadlines to Remember in 2021

Illustration for article titled Add These Key 2021 Financial Deadlines to Your Calendar Now

Photo: Kwangmoozaa (Shutterstock)

You can’t plan if you don’t look ahead, which means now is an excellent time to add some important personal finance deadlines into your calendar. Here is a list of important dates potentially impacting your finances throughout the rest of 2021— including the expiration dates for COVID relief programs.

March 14

Technically this is last day to claim benefits for the following unemployment COVID-relief programs, which are set to expire:

However, President Biden’s proposed relief legislation includes extensions of these programs, and Democrats are hoping to pass the bill into law by no later

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In China, an Electric Car Maker Loses Money but Thinks Big

HEFEI, China — Walk around the sprawling auto factory in central China, and the wealth pouring into the country’s electric car industry quickly becomes clear.

Rows of bright orange, 15-foot-tall robots — 307 of them, mainly from Sweden — whir with activity. They glue lightweight aluminum panels to vehicle frames using aerospace-grade adhesives. In an industry in which speed can mean cost efficiency, the assembly line plods along at half the pace of many lines elsewhere.

Even by the standards of the $1.6 trillion global car industry, an operation like this doesn’t come cheap. In fact, the Chinese operator of

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