February 27, 2021

Day: February 27, 2021

Stimulus Checks Helped Personal Income Surge in January

The American economic recovery came perilously close to falling off a cliff at the end of last year. But government aid arrived just in time to prevent a disaster — and possibly paved the way for a dynamic rebound.

Personal income surged a remarkable 10 percent in January, the Commerce Department reported on Friday. Spending increased last month, too, by a healthy 2.4 percent, largely fueled by a rise in purchases of goods.

The report was the latest sign of the economy’s slow but steady march forward after a series of setbacks.

Yet the data also underscored the extent

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News law: Australian law is hailed as ‘a big win for the news business’ with ramifications around the world

Watching Thursday’s news from Australia while it’s still Wednesday in the United States always feels like a time machine trick. And on this occasion Thursday’s news may really be a glimpse at the future for the rest of the world. Here is Laura Jayes’ breaking news report on the Murdoch-owned Sky News Australia channel on Thursday morning: “The Morrison government’s News Media Bargaining Code has just become law after unanimously passing Parliament a short time ago. It comes after the government struck an eleventh-hour deal with Facebook.”
It is a momentous occasion for both the news and tech industries. As
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Goodbye, Concert Tees? Harry Styles, Verzuz and Streaming Are Changing the Merch Game

IN THE SUMMER of 2018, Grace Hall-Ramsay attended a live Harry Styles concert in San Jose, Calif., and had a life-changing experience. The British pop star spotted the 18-year-old in the audience holding a sign that read “I’m Gonna Come Out to My Parents Because of You!” He asked for her mother’s name and—told it was Tina—proceeded to goad a crowd of thousands to yell in unison, “Tina, she’s gay.” The moment understandably went viral. Ms. Hall-Ramsey, an ardent Styler—as the singer’s fans call themselves—had planned to attend 20 Harry Styles concerts in 2020.

Over the past year,

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8 Insurance Products You May Not Need

These days, it seems like every other television commercial is for yet another insurance product. While consumer choice can be a good thing, not all insurance is as essential as the ads make it seem. “There’s a lot of sales and marketing based on fear that especially targets retirees,” says Jonathan Howard, a certified financial planner with SeaCure Advisors in Lexington, Ky., as well as a former insurance salesman. “People end up buying because they’re terrified of a loss rather than to cover an actual insurance need.”

Although Howard believes insurance plays an important role in anyone’s financial plan, some

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Financial Targets Don’t Motivate Employees

It’s natural for leaders to emphasize the importance of hitting financial targets, but making numbers the centerpiece of your leadership narrative is a costly mistake. Financial results are an outcome, they’re not a root driver for employee performance, and a growing body of evidence tells us that overemphasizing financial targets erodes morale and undermines long-term strategy. Leaders looking to motivate employees must instead use their time with their teams to build belief in the organizational purpose, the intrinsic value of the employees’ work, and the impact they have on customers, and each other. To do so, the authors recommend three

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When will I get my 2020 tax refund? Possible dates and how to track your money

We’ll show you how to track your 2020 federal tax refund.

Sarah Tew/CNET

You’ve done the hard part, filing your 2020 tax return. Now comes the harder part, waiting for your tax refund to arrive. If you are also looking for missing stimulus check money you claimed on your tax forms as a Recovery Rebate Credit, the wait may seem even longer. Fortunately, the IRS has a set of tools you can use to track down your your refund and missing money after you file your taxes. Check out our chart below to get a better idea

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