March 21, 2021

Day: March 21, 2021

The Greatest Threat to America’s Financial Future

Sometimes, decades of change can be compacted into a single year. Case in point: the past 12 months. From an investing standpoint, the migration to the cloud, necessitated by COVID-19, sent software-as-a-service (SaaS) stocks to the moon.

But this wasn’t just about business and investing. Black Lives Matter, an assault on the U.S. Capitol, a hotly contested presidential election, and the lingering feeling that we’re standing on the precipice: It all leads us to wonder when the other shoe will drop.

But the greatest threat we face isn’t love, hate, or even China, according to John Hope Bryant, an entrepreneur,

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Why Substack writers are mad about money Substack is paying out

Jude Doyle has been publishing a Substack newsletter since 2018, not long after the startup launched. This week, the writer, described in their website bio as a “non-binary author, columnist, and all-around weirdo,” announced that they were leaving and setting up shop at Ghost, a nonprofit publishing platform.

The why Doyle left matters because it illustrates the tension Substack faces as it tries to be both a platform — where it simply sets up a place for anyone to write anything and steps away — and a publisher — where it makes choices about the kinds of writers it

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He covered the Covid crisis in Italy. Then the disease became personal.

Claudio Lavanga, NBC News’ Rome correspondent, has reported on a wide variety of stories. Most recently, he has helped document the pandemic’s terrible toll in Italy, where over 104,000 have died and almost 3.5 million been sickened. Now, as the country goes through a third Covid-19 wave, he describes how his family became part of the story.

ROME — Since Italy became the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, I have kept track of the number of people testing positive every day. It quickly reached into the tens of thousands a cold daily toll, a war bulletin in a

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Long-time Tucson business development leader, Ellen Kirton, dies | Business News

Ellen Kirton helped Tucson entrepreneurs start and expand their businesses. She’s shown with one of her clients, Ray Montoya of Engineering and Environmental Consultants, in 2015.

Ellen Kirton, longtime director of the Pima Community College Small Business Development Center, died Sunday after complications from an illness.

After a long career in banking, Kirton became director of the Pima County SBDC in 2012.

The SBDC joined Pima Community College’s Workforce Development Division in 2016.

“Through her work assisting and inspiring entrepreneurs in starting, growing and expanding their small businesses, Ellen created a lasting economic

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How Texas attracts big businesses, billionaires from California

Texas is experiencing a major boom that began way before its power grid was decimated by February’s historic winter storm.

The Governor’s Economic Development and Tourism office said in September there’s been a “tremendous increase” in companies reaching out since the pandemic hit, with 237 relocation or expansion projects currently in the works. 

Oracle moved its headquarters to Austin, Texas late last year. Tesla is also building its new Gigafactory there, and Apple will house its second-largest campus in Texas’ capital city. This Big Tech influx has raised chatter about Texas potentially becoming a business hub that could rival Silicon

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Insurance Commissioner Debunks Online Claims Getting COVID Vaccine Will Affect Life Insurance

Social media posts making claims about COVID-19 vaccines affecting life insurance policies have been making the rounds.

They say things like policies are invalidated if you get vaccinated or they won’t pay out if you die within a year of getting vaccinated. Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Glen Mulready has seen some posts and responded to a few himself.

“No, when you get a vaccine — the COVID-19 vaccine — it does not void your life insurance policy, or your health insurance policy for that matter, too,” Mulready said.

Many of the false posts cite the

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