March 28, 2021

Day: March 28, 2021

Buttonwood – The Fed and the bond markets | Finance & economics

JEROME POWELL does not want you to misunderstand him. The Chair of the Federal Reserve knows that communication is a big part of how monetary policy works. Mr Powell speaks plainly. He is not an economist, but that probably helps, because he is less likely to resort to confusing jargon. His messages at the Fed’s press conference on March 17th were admirably clear: no change in the main policy settings; no change in Fed guidance about future shifts in policy; and no real concerns about jumpy government bond markets.

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Former Mexican politician pleads guilty to money laundering in areas including San Antonio

The disgraced, one-time presidential hopeful admitted to using Texas real estate

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What does it mean to be prequalified for a personal loan?

A personal loan can help you with debt consolidation or manage an unexpected expense. Learn what prequalified vs preapproved means and the steps you should take. (iStock)

A personal loan is a one-time, lump sum of money you borrow from a bank or online loan lender. You can use the loan funds to manage unexpected medical expenses, home repairs, or repay credit card debt.

When evaluating your loan application, the personal loan lender will primarily look at your credit history and your credit score. But your annual income, employment history, and outstanding debt will also play a role

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Survey gives New Orleans business owners a way to ask for help

The office created a survey for small business owners to find out what’s the best way to use available resources.

NEW ORLEANS — City officials want to help New Orleans small businesses recover from the pandemic, but the city needs to know how businesses were impacted in order to help them recover.

New Orleans’ Office of Economic Development wants business owners from a wide range of industries and sectors of the city’s economy to help them understand how best to help, a statement said.

The office created a survey for small business owners to find out what’s the best way

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Biden Poised to Raise Taxes on Business and the Rich

Many liberal economists say there are good reasons to raise taxes, starting with using those funds to invest in workers and help build economic opportunity. Spending on physical infrastructure, like roads and water pipes, or on programs like education and child care that are meant to help people earn more money could help curb persistent inequalities in income and wealth. The economists also say that tax increases that are properly set up would provide incentives for multinational companies to keep jobs in the United States and not shift profits to lower-tax foreign countries.

“The purpose of the tax system is

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Suez Canal Crisis May Cost Insurance Companies Millions

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There were potentially thousands of insurance policies taken out on the steel boxes stacked high on the massive boat blocking the Suez Canal and upending world trade. They could result in millions of dollars in payouts — but first, a game of passing the buck.

Taiwan’s Evergreen Line, which chartered the Ever Given, says Japan’s Shoei Kisen Kaisha Ltd — the ship’s

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