March 1, 2021

Month: March 2021

2 No-Brainer Stocks That Could Double Your Money With Zero Effort

In the stock market, appearances can be deceiving. Securities that seem to be on an unstoppable upward trajectory can sometimes be rising for all the wrong reasons. However, some companies deliver juicy stock market gains for all the right reasons — because their businesses look to be on a path to long-term success in an industry ripe for growth. 

Take e-commerce giant Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and telehealth specialist Teladoc Health (NYSE:TDOC). Both stocks have easily outpaced the broader market over the past year. What’s more, both businesses have what it takes to deliver even more impressive gains in the years

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parenting advice from Care and Feeding.

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Dear Care and Feeding,

My daughter Natalie is 3 years old and talks A LOT about every detail of our lives. (I heard her telling the mailman the other day that I cut my nails while I was sitting on the toilet!) My mom takes MAJOR advantage of this and asks Natalie questions about my personal life and anyone else Natalie is around like, “Nat, does Mike go in Mama’s room when

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