April 17, 2021

Day: April 17, 2021

Huntington Park finance employee arrested in data breach probe

Almost the entire roster of Huntington Park’s Finance Department was placed on administrative leave and one staffer was arrested as part of an investigation into a records breach that has sparked competing claims of wrongdoing by city employees.

A statement issued by the city Wednesday said officials became aware of a “large-scale security breach of electronic financial records at Huntington Park City Hall” that was “intercepted and contained” by the city’s information technology division. The Huntington Park Police Department initiated a criminal investigation, according to the statement.

For the record:

7:32 PM, Apr. 14, 2021A previous version of this

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How much money Americans in their 30s have in their 401(k) accounts

Early in your career, it can be difficult to see the urgency of putting aside money for retirement, but experts recommend that you start saving for the future as soon as you can.

And if you have access to a 401(k) account through your employer, take advantage of that benefit by contributing enough to qualify for the full employer match, which is essentially free money.

Retirement accounts such as 401(k)s and traditional IRAs allow you to put away a portion of your pretax salary and continue to accrue interest on that balance over time.

How much should you save for

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How Franchising Aides In Small-Business Owner Support During Covid-19

Devin Haman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, the nation’s leading medical spa franchise.

The past year has not been a prosperous time for many businesses all over the world due to Covid-19. The global pandemic has changed the dynamics of almost every industry, but its impacts have not been proportionate. Large enterprises were better able to adapt and survive through the major impacts posed by the pandemic, but the brunt of the financial fallout has landed on small- and medium-sized businesses.

The problems being faced by small-business owners during these testing times are

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OSHA fines Lynn tax business $136K for prohibiting face masks in office

A Lynn tax preparation business is facing $136,532 in fines from the U.S. Department of Labor after an inspection found its owner prohibited employees and customers from wearing face masks while in the office.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Ariana Murrell-Rosario, owner of Liberty Tax Services, for “willfully failing to develop and implement measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus,” the agency said in a press release on Tuesday.

According to OSHA, Murrell-Rosario banned masks despite the state’s mask order that required they be worn in places of business; made employees and customers work within six feet

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More than $1,400 checks: 5 new health care, COBRA, insurance and FSA savings in the stimulus law

With the new stimulus bill, you may be able to save money on health insurance plans this year.

Sarah Tew/CNET

When people talk about the $1.9 trillion stimulus law, they usually are referring to the third stimulus check for up to $1,400 per person that it included, along with an expanded child tax credit for up to $3,600 per kid (here’s how to calculate your child credit total) and several other tax breaks for people who are unemployed, low-income or have kids. But the American Rescue Plan Act also contains important updates and tax breaks for

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How much money should I spend on Coinbase stock? Financial advisers offer guidance to young investors

There’s investing with “play money” and then there’s playing with fire.

As Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, goes public, financial advisers want you to remember the difference.

With retail investor ranks swelling, there’s growing allure in finding and profiting off the next new thing.

Enter Coinbase
a platform with 56 million verified users that enables the purchase and sale of crytpocurrencies such as Bitcoin
and Ethereum, which appear to just keep increasing in value.

When Coinbase shares hit the market Wednesday afternoon, they were initially priced at $381. Within the first hour of trading,

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