April 15, 2021

Month: April 2021

An Age-By-Age Guide to Teaching Kids About Money

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Photo: Nadia Leskovskaya (Shutterstock)

In my experience, this is the age that kids really get into the concept of earning money themselves, if they haven’t already. They may be running their own lemonade stand (or neighborhood franchise?) by now or thinking of other things they could sell, whether it be personalized drawings, hand-drawn comic books, or colorful painted rocks.

My pre-teen nieces once set up a “store” full of their original artwork at my parents’ house, and you better believe we all took turns walking through and purchasing a slew of treasures—they even made personalized bags and

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U.S. needs to invest in semiconductor ‘infrastructure,’ Biden tells business leaders facing crippling shortages

The U.S. needs to address an ongoing shortage of semiconductors by investing in its chip “infrastructure,” President Joe Biden said during a virtual summit meeting with auto executives and other business leaders Monday afternoon.

“These chips, these wafers … batteries, broadband — it’s all infrastructure. We need to build the infrastructure of today and not repair the one of yesterday,” Biden said. “The plan I propose will protect our supply chain and revitalize American manufacturing.”

The event was called to address an immediate crisis that has impacted key industries, including consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals and auto manufacturing. Few sectors have been

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The global business of professional trolling

Professional political trolling is still a thriving underground industry around the world, despite crackdowns from the biggest tech firms.

Why it matters: Coordinated online disinformation efforts offer governments and political actors a fast, cheap way to get under rivals’ skin. They also offer a paycheck to people who are eager for work, typically in developing countries.

  • “It’s a more sophisticated means of disinformation to weaken your advisories,” said Todd Carroll, CISO and VP of Cyber Operations at CybelAngel.

Driving the news: Facebook last week said it had uncovered a massive troll farm in Albania, linked to an Iranian militant group.

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Digital Insurance Startup Clearcover Raises $200M

In a late-stage funding round, digital car insurance firm Clearcover has raised $200 million, Reuters reported.

The round was headed up by Eldridge, the investment firm notable for being run by Los Angeles Dodgers owner Todd Boehly, according to Reuters.

Clearcover, founded in 2016 and based in Chicago, plans to use the funds to hire more employees and invest in new products, Reuters reported. The company has not commented on its valuation.

Reuters reported it had spoken to someone with knowledge of the proceedings, who said the newest round would make Clearcover

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Dunbar files complaint with state against Bronson over alleged campaign finance violations

Anchorage mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar is accusing opponent Dave Bronson of violating campaign finance rules.

In a complaint filed Monday with the state, Dunbar’s campaign asserts that multiple alleged infractions amount to tens of thousands of dollars in misreported campaign finances and illegally accepted contributions by Bronson’s campaign.

Dunbar’s campaign requested that the Alaska Public Offices Commission give the complaint expedited consideration because of the “voluminous and serious alleged violations,” the complaint states.

“Bronson’s approach to his campaign finances indicates either a gross fiscal incompetence or a willful disregard for the law and an intent to deceive the public,” Paula

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Usher Allegedly Gave an Exotic Dancer Money With His Face on It

It’s been a tough year for dancers in the adult industry. In light of the closure of clubs during the pandemic, many dancers have had to scramble to make ends meet, pivoting to platforms like OnlyFans or dancing for tips on IG Live. So when a dancer at Sapphire Las Vegas accused Usher of using counterfeit money with his face on it to tip, dancers across the country rallied behind her.

On her Instagram story, a dancer who goes by @beel0ve posted a photo of the Usher-branded bills. “Ladies, what would you do if you danced all night for

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