April 1, 2021

Month: April 2021

Personal protective equipment litter from the pandemic is killing wildlife

Waste from lifesaving personal protective equipment is killing birds, fish and other wildlife across the globe, a study has found.Animals are fatally ingesting or becoming entangled in discarded latex gloves and disposable face masks, while others have started building their homes using the same material, researchers said.”As always with these single-use items, you’re not really looking after them and they end up in the environment really soon. They start becoming a real problem,” Auke-Florian Hiemstra, a biologist at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden and co-author of the report, told CNN Tuesday.”I think it’s ironic that the materials that protect … Read More

5 Project Management Rules To Do Business By

Have you had at least one project failure in the past year? So have 70% of other businesses

So, what gives? Getting a group of people together to work towards a common goal doesn’t automatically guarantee a smooth process. In fact, it takes a bit of time and energy to iron out the kinks in your project management process.

If you have project failure after failure, it’s time to up the ante. Read on to learn how to improve your and your team’s project management skills. 

5 Project Management

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Miami Beach spring break: Coronavirus curfews quell crowds.

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Restaurants are reopening. Sidewalks are coming back to life. America is shaking off a long COVID winter. But in Miami Beach, you might not even know a pandemic had happened. Verónica Zaragovia is a reporter with WLRN, the public radio station for Miami and South Florida, and she’s observed over the past few weeks a lot people crowding on to Miami Beach’s main drag, Ocean Drive. “It’s been really crowded. Just a lot of people that perhaps would raise your eyebrows because of the potential for the coronavirus to

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