May 1, 2021

Day: May 1, 2021

Oklahoma auto repair shops, insurance companies see uptick in reports of shattered windshields, windows after hail storm

NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – After the hail storm on Wednesday, auto repair shops and insurance companies are busy with people reporting shattered windshields and windows.

“I thought, ‘oh this is a tornado,’” Joan Cole, who has windshield damage, said. “Last night was very scary.”

“Both mine and fiancé’s back windshields were completely shattered. This will be fun,” Charles Outlaw, who has windshield damage, said sarcastically.

Bobby Ingram, the owner of Wise Guys Auto Glass, says last night, he answered the phone until 2 a.m. with people

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Binance Smart Chain-based DeFi project Uranium Finance exploited, lost $50 million

Uranium Finance, a Binance Smart Chain-based decentralized finance (DeFi) project, says it suffered exploitation early Wednesday and lost $50 million.

Several tokens, including bitcoin and ether, were drained from the Uranium protocol, according to The Block Research’s Igor Igamberdiev.

Specifically, 80 bitcoin ($4.3 million), 1,800 ETH ($4.7 million), 17.9 million BUSD ($17.9 million), 5.7 million USDT ($5.7 million), 638,000 ADA ($0.8 million), 26,500 DOT ($0.8 million), 34,000 wrapped BNB ($18 million), and 112,000 U92 tokens, a native token of Uranium, were drained.

Uranium, which was launched this month, said the exploitation took place during the migration of its protocol to

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When to Give Inheritance Money to Your Kids

Should an inheritance be strictly an inheritance, to be left to children when their parents die? Or should parents use at least some of that money while they’re still alive to help out their adult children financially? And if parents give while they’re alive, how much should they give and when?

Of course, every family is different—both in terms of what they can afford and what brings them joy. But there are some things every family should consider when deciding how to pass wealth from one generation to the next. The Wall Street Journal invited three financial advisers to discuss

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In new measures, pope places 40-euro cap on personal gifts

Pope Francis approved a new set of laws that require Vatican officials and employees to sign a declaration stating they have not been and are not suspected of committing crimes, including money laundering, corruption or exploitation of minors.

The measures, issued “motu proprio,” on the pope’s own accord, and published April 29, also prohibit all Vatican employees from “accepting or soliciting, for themselves or for parties other than the entity for which they work, by reason of or on the occasion of their office, gifts, presents or other benefits with a value greater than 40 euros,” the equivalent of about

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Best Payroll Software for Small Business 2021

Popular Payroll Software Companies

Payroll software isn’t just for the large enterprise companies that have to pay out wages to more than 1,000 employees. Small businesses have a lot to gain from reliable payroll software. And while

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Philippines tells China to mind its own business over maritime drills

China claims almost the entire South China Sea, where about $3 trillion worth of ship-borne trade passes each year. In 2016, an arbitration tribunal in The Hague ruled that claim, which Beijing bases on its old maps, was inconsistent with international law.

Philippines Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told reporters that Beijing had “no authority or legal basis to prevent us from conducting these exercises” in the South China Sea because “their claims … have no basis”.

The Philippine coast guard and fisheries bureau started maritime exercises on Saturday inside the country’s 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), following an announcement of … Read More