May 2, 2021

Day: May 2, 2021

Small Business Week Orange County highlights local economy May 2-8 | Business

The Orange County Office of Economic Development and Tourism is pleased to announce plans for the 2021 Small Business Week, scheduled for May 2-8.

The Orange County Office of Economic Development and Tourism announced plans for the 2021 Small Business Week, scheduled for May 2-8.

Orange County will celebrate its small businesses starting on Sunday. This year’s theme is focused on keeping it local. Residents are encouraged to shop in, dine at and support Orange County businesses. Each day on social media the Office will post facts and tidbits about why small businesses are

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China Is Opting Out of the US-Run Financial System- CoinDesk

An ancient Chinese proverb states that “the man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” China has perfected that like no other nation and has been working to create the infrastructure to leapfrog to global reserve currency status by innovating, building and controlling the plumbing of a competing global financial system. Digital currencies are a key part of this Great Game.

The U.S., with Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler in the lead, has taken notice and is finally beginning to stir. Gensler once told NPR: “Markets work best when there’s a cop on the beat.”

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Saranac town clerk charged with embezzlement

SARANAC, N.Y. (WCAX) – Saranac’s town clerk was arrested Thursday on embezzlement charges.

Authorities say Mary Bell, 54, falsified records to cover up over $800 in cash skimmed from town fees including dog licenses, marriage licenses, building permits, and a death certificate, To hide the missing cash, they say Bell substituted funds leftover from a dormant town clerk bank account. The alleged crimes took place over a four-month period starting in April 2017.

Authorities say Bell’s actions were brought to light during a routine examination by the state comptroller’s office. “Ms. Bell, as an elected official, swore to act with

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Get Out of Credit Card Debt

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When you’re deep in credit card debt, sky-high interest rates can make it tough to dig yourself out. A personal loan can sometimes be helpful if you want to a lower interest rate and fixed monthly payments.

Payoff offers a quick, easy application process for qualified borrowers looking to consolidate their credit card debt and pay it down over time at a lower interest rate.

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Gordonsville announces First Fridays event line-up | Business

According to Casati, mask wearing will be strongly encouraged but not mandatory.

“It’s a bit more relaxed now with the current restrictions and people being more confident with the vaccines out,” she said. “But we are still going to be pretty tight about all of it. We are trying to attract more traffic without it being too big.”

Casati said that finding bands to play at each event this year wasn’t as difficult as she expected.

“Because we started planning this at the beginning of the year, many bands had their schedules open,” she said. “They didn’t start getting booked

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Memo: Dozens of former NFL player involved in insurance fraud

Dozens of former professional football players filed fake insurance claims in recent years but were not charged in the scheme, according to a sentencing memorandum in a federal court case.

The investigation has resulted in charges against 15 former National Football League players in federal court in Lexington.

However, the insurance company involved in the case, Cigna, identified a total of 77 former NFL players who submitted fraudulent claims for medical equipment beginning in 2017, according to the court document.

The document did not disclose the names of anyone not charged in the case.

The information was filed in a

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