May 4, 2021

Day: May 4, 2021

How much car insurance do you really need?

Choosing the right amount of car insurance can be tricky. While your state probably requires some coverage, you may find yourself wondering if it’s enough, or if you should buy more.

There’s no quick and easy answer. While you’re obligated to get the minimum amount of car insurance required to drive in your state, how much you purchase beyond that should depend on your own financial situation.

Protect your wallet with sufficient liability coverage

The main component of car insurance — liability coverage — doesn’t pay you if you cause a crash. Instead, it pays for injuries, deaths and property

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Groom-to-be offers up bridesmaid instead of money to pay for wedding musician

It turns out, people that provide services for weddings want to actually get paid for their work.

A common problem for people working in the wedding industry is people trying to get services for free. Weddings are expensive and many couples would love not to have to pay for a photographer. While it seems to be common for people to offer exposure in return for working the wedding, one groom-to-be apparently came up with a new tactic.

A wedding musician recently shared a story to Reddit’s forums about a man trying to hire him for an upcoming wedding. Posting under

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Harris to place “personal stamp” on National Space Council

Updated 1:55 p.m. Eastern with Nelson statement.

WASHINGTON — Vice President Kamala Harris will put her “personal stamp” on the National Space Council as it takes on both existing and new priorities under the Biden administration.

Senior administration officials, speaking on background in a call with reporters May 1, confirmed that the administration will retain the National Space Council, an interagency body used to coordinate space policy across the federal government. The vice president chairs the council by statute.

The White House announced March 29 that the council, revived by the Trump administration in 2017 after a hiatus of almost

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Gig workers fear carjacking, other violence amid spike in crimes

Just before Christmas last year, Willy Solis, a 42-year-old residential construction worker-turned-delivery driver, was hired to take a late-night $100 bottle of cognac to an apartment complex in Denton, Texas. Once Solis found the apartment, he met a stocky man who gave a name that not only didn’t match the ID he showed, but it also wasn’t the name of the person who placed the order. Confused, Solis called Instacart’s phone support line.

Solis said that that angered the customer and his three male friends and that they ordered him to hand over the cognac. Even though he had qualms

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What Business Thinks of Biden’s Plans on Infrastructure, Taxes

WASHINGTON—Business leaders see much to like—and much that worries them—in President Biden’s first 100 days in office.

Executives in manufacturing, automotive, construction and other industries say they see opportunity in the trillions of dollars Mr. Biden wants to spend to build infrastructure, boost domestic manufacturing, and curb greenhouse-gas emissions linked to climate change.

That is tempered by wariness over Mr. Biden’s plans to achieve those goals via higher corporate taxes, and expected new regulations on fossil fuels, telecommunications and other industries.

Business and industry leaders are also mindful that Mr. Biden hasn’t filled many key oversight jobs, leaving questions about

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House Finance denies statutory PFD

The Alaska House Finance Committee on Thursday said no to an amendment that would have set the Permanent Fund dividend at about $3,000 this year, honoring the statutory formula. On a vote of 8-3, the amendment by Rep. DeLena Johnson of Palmer was voted down.

“By not paying the full, statutory PFD, it’s allowed us to kick the can down the road,” Johnson said. “With that in mind, this [statutory formula] still is the law.”

Among those voting against following the statutory formula for the dividend calculation was Johnson’s fellow Republican Rep. Sara Rasmussen of District 22, following in the

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