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Kingsway Preparatory School selected by the Boosting Black Business Facebook Group

An Evanston Facebook group launched to help raise money for Black-owned businesses is shifting its focus to raise money and awareness for African-American education.

Evanston born-and-raised founder Tosha Wilson started the Boosting Black Business page in July of 2020 when she and a cousin, Jacqui White, were denied a business loan for their Laundry Café project. After facing this roadblock in starting her own business, Ms. Wilson felt she could not be alone in this process. The Laundry Café project has new life and a potential new home in south Evanston, along with several other businesses.

“I was thinking, ‘There must be other people out here who work hard, who have decent credit–the whole nine.’ Ms. Wilson said. They’re doing the right thing but for some reason the red tape prevents them from getting what they need.”

It was not long before the Evanston community and others took an interest in Ms. Wilson’s idea and the page’s activity began to skyrocket, with more than 3,000 people joining the group. The page works to highlight businesses’ individual crowdfunding efforts. Ms. Wilson identifies a worthy business and uses her platform to boost them financially and give them the motivation to succeed. For example, Awe-Sauce hot sauces raised more than $9,000 on GoFundMe with the help of the Boosting Black Business Facebook page.