February 27, 2021

Business News

Progressives urge White House to overrule top Senate official and include $15 minimum wage in COVID-19 relief bill

Progressive Democrats launched a last-minute campaign urging the White House to overrule a top Senate official who decided late Thursday night that a federal minimum wage increase could not be included in the coronavirus relief package.

The parliamentarian, the non-partisan Senate referee, determined that raising the pay floor from $7.25 an hour is not compliant with rules under the procedural tool that Democrats are using to pass the measure with a simple majority in both chambers and avoid a Senate filibuster by Republicans.

The finding by Elizabeth MacDonough

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Granville County students recognized in statewide business competition :: WRAL.com

— Granville County high school students just swept top honors in a statewide competition under a program called Virtual Enterprises International (VEI).

Teams compete by establishing their own firm and presenting their “virtual” high-stakes business plan to judges at the state competition. Typically, the annual event has taken place at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, but the pandemic led to the first online or VEI event.

Ten years ago, Granville County Public Schools was the first to bring VEI to the state. It provides teams of students

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14 Signs That Tell Owners It’s Time To Pivot Their Business

For most business owners, there comes a time when you have to shift from what you’ve always done and try something new to keep your business growing. Pivoting in this way comes with both risks and rewards.

It’s not always clear when you need to shift gears, so you may not be sure if it’s in your best interest to change up your business model. To help you decide, 14 Forbes Coaches Council members shared clear signs that indicate it’s time to pivot your business. 

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Exelon to Separate Power-Generation Business Via Spinoff

(Bloomberg) — Exelon Corp. plans to separate its power-generation unit from the U.S. company’s utilities business in an effort to streamline operations and increase shareholder value.

The Chicago-based utility owner plans to structure the deal as a tax-free spinoff that will be completed in the first quarter of next year, according to a statement Wednesday. Existing Exelon shareholders will receive shares in the new entity, but the company hasn’t yet determined the distribution ratio.

Exelon is the latest company to unload power-generating or pipeline assets to focus on regulated utilities that are guaranteed more predictable returns. The company owns more

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Three Keys To Growing A Good Business Into A Great One

Nhat H. Ngo is Chief Commercial Officer at Medical Solutions, a leading provider of total workforce solutions for healthcare staffing.

The ability to grow a good business into a great one is dependent on a multitude of factors and critical decisions — the least of which is the courage and commitment to transform with a short- and long-term plan supported by leadership.

A company’s growth potential is often pinned to leadership’s willingness to move outside of their comfort zone and beyond the status quo. Fear of change can lead to missed opportunities that may allow competitors to gain

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5 ways to build trust between business and IT

You’re not invited to strategic meetings. When you make recommendations, business leaders seek second opinions from consultants, their peers, or the latest magazine article. Users insist they have to have their chosen brand of software because they’re sure your standardized apps won’t meet their needs. Meanwhile, your IT team complains about the requests they get, and wants your permission to refuse or ignore them.

It’s not a pretty picture, but all these familiar frustrations are symptoms of the same problem: Trust has broken down between IT and the business.

“The moment you have a situation where there is pressure, that’s

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