March 29, 2021


Mpls. skyway retailers in limbo: ‘It’s been absolute devastation’

For nearly 30 years, downtown Minneapolis workers have wended their way through the skyways at lunchtime to grab Chicago-style hot dogs at Walkin’ Dog.

Just over a year after most downtown office workers began working from home, Walkin’ Dog is the only spot still open on the first-floor food court of Northstar Center. And owner Dave Magnuson misses his customers.

“I’ve taken to writing down descriptions of people I no longer see,” he said.

He’s filled a sheet with dozens of customers that he knows by name, job, order or physical attribute — Chocolate Shake Richard, Loading Dock Larry, Mike

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Biden Poised to Raise Taxes on Business and the Rich

Many liberal economists say there are good reasons to raise taxes, starting with using those funds to invest in workers and help build economic opportunity. Spending on physical infrastructure, like roads and water pipes, or on programs like education and child care that are meant to help people earn more money could help curb persistent inequalities in income and wealth. The economists also say that tax increases that are properly set up would provide incentives for multinational companies to keep jobs in the United States and not shift profits to lower-tax foreign countries.

“The purpose of the tax system is

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While the Texas economy grows, the business court system is lost in the 20th century

There comes a moment in each of our lives when we decide to actually read the invoices that we are forced to pay at the end of each month. Be it the house payment, the auto loan, or even the internet bill, there is almost always a tiny phrase that in the fine print of the legalese. No matter the obligation, the companies that have the greatest hold on our personal bank accounts are invariably designated: xyz company, a Delaware corporation.

Why Delaware? One of the tiniest states in the union. Why not New York, California or even Texas?


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Prospera in Honduras: A Private Tech City Now Open for Business

If you’re going to work remotely, Próspera is a nice place to do it. Located on Roatán, a tropical island off the coast of Honduras, it features a series of airy offices and communal outdoor spaces with ocean views. There are other real estate developments on the island, but Próspera is the only one with its own set of laws and governing system.

Próspera is the first project to gain approval from Honduras to start a privately governed charter city, under a national program started in 2013. It has its own constitution

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Land Cooperation Strategy to Offer Attractive Profits to Land Owners

Land Cooperation: Here’s a Strategy to Offer Attractive Profits to Land Owners In land cooperation, the land owner gets 2 benefits. First, he gets the price of the land and secondly he gets a share of the profits from the project profits. Therefore, if the land is to be worked on into a project with a land cooperation pattern, the first step that must be taken is to determine the price of the land.

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Apart from calculating project costs, land price fixing is also useful for determining the amount of land owner rights.

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Senate overwhelmingly votes to extend small business rescue

Democrats and Republicans reached agreement relatively quickly over the last several days to keep the popular program open, after banks warned that loan applications were at risk of being stuck in a processing backlog created by new SBA fraud checks. The extension, backed by a wide array of trade groups, would also allow more employers to take advantage of new Biden administration rules designed to expand access to tiny businesses and others who struggled to obtain the loans previously.

“There’s no reason to let this program expire while there are scores of small businesses still in line and billions of

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