April 20, 2021


How to finance your next home purchase if you’re retired

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Retirees who are considering a move that involves buying a home may want to consider how they’d finance the purchase.

It can be tricky for seniors to get a mortgage in retirement, said Al Bingham, a mortgage loan officer with Momentum Loans in Sandy, Utah. Not only are lenders still more cautious about extending credit during the pandemic, retirees generally have left a steady paycheck behind.

“You can have a lot of money but show very little income and have difficulty qualifying for a mortgage,” Bingham said. “It frustrates a lot of them.”


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Indian finance minister says digital currency bill will protect investors

India’s Finance Minister has said the upcoming digital currency bill will aim to protect investors from the volatility in digital currency markets, in the latest commentary on the ongoing progress of the legislation.

Indian Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Anurag Thakur, said the government would put investors at the forefront of their legislative effort, though it remains unclear exactly how they intend to protect investors.

“The fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies are so high—unlike that of fiat currencies—and that has an impact on the investors. So we need to keep investor protection in mind while framing

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Tim Eyman ordered to reimburse taxpayers $2.9 million for campaign finance lawsuit costs

The amount is in addition to the $2.6 million penalty he must pay as a result of a 2017 lawsuit that accused him of soliciting kickbacks and laundering donations.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Editor’s note: Video aired Feb. 2021

Initiative sponsor Tim Eyman will have to pay nearly $2.9 million to reimburse Washington taxpayers for costs and fees related to the campaign finance lawsuit brought against him by Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

The amount is in addition to the $2.6 million penalty Eyman was ordered to pay in February as a result of the 2017 lawsuit by Ferguson’s office that accused

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Barron’s 100 Most Influential Women in U.S. Finance: Anna Marrs

Anna Marrs

Courtesy of American Express

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With a career spanning several distinct firms, industries, and continents,

American Express

’ Anna Marrs has seen it all.

“Learning and a sense of adventure are the two common themes throughout my jobs,” Marrs says. “I’ve always been attracted to roles and people I can learn a lot from. Your career is a huge part of your life, so I have always tried to make it challenging and fun.”

As the New York–based president of global commercial services, Marrs oversees AmEx’s products for corporate customers, ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations.

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Covid-19 prompted new financial aid to Americans. Could it continue?

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Millions of Americans have received some form of financial support from the government to help them get through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus has prompted the federal government to send three sets of stimulus checks, increase federal unemployment benefits and extend the duration and eligibility of those benefits, provide forgivable loans to small businesses and implement new tax credits for families.

It started with the CARES Act that Congress approved in March 2020, and continued with follow-up legislation in December and American Rescue Plan Act that was put through in March.

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Students take up the cause to push for more financial education

As financial literacy advocates push for more personal finance education in schools, students are also joining the cause.

Only 21 states require personal finance coursework to graduate high school, with just a handful mandating a stand-alone class, according to the Council for Economic Education. Yet research shows that those who have some financial education typically have lower credit card balances, higher credit scores and take out smaller private loans for college.

“The economy has been fluctuating up and down,” said 15-year-old Zoe McCall. “We need to know these things.”

The high school sophomore lives in Maryland, one of the

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