April 19, 2021


Apple launches $200 million forestry fund it says will bring financial return for investors

Apple has created a $200 million fund designed to remove carbon emissions from the air and support the sustainable forestry the company uses to package iPhones and more. Yet the fund will still generate a financial return for investors.

Called the Restore Fund, the effort launched with Goldman Sachs
who’ll run the investment portion, and nonprofit Conservation International, aims to remove 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. That’s equivalent to more than 200,000 passenger cars annually, Apple
said this week.

The project is also meant to show other for-profit

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3 Obstacles Getting in the Way of Your Financial Independence

Struggling to chart a course to financial freedom? These three obstacles may be getting in your way. Here’s how you can navigate around them.

Financial independence: the ultimate goal of many an adult on the planet. But while gaining financial independence is high up on the to-do list for a lot of people, the route you need to take to get there isn’t always cut and dried.

Financial freedom has a different meaning for each person. For some, it means making enough to support a family. For others, it means a life free of credit card bills and mortgage payments.

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Brexit Led Over 440 Finance Firms to Shift Some Business to EU

Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

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The U.K.’s departure from the European Union pushed more than 440 financial firms to move at least some of their operations, staff, assets or legal entities from Britain to the bloc.

That includes 126 asset management firms, 81 banks and 65 insurers, according to a report published Friday by New Financial, a London-based think tank.


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Huntington Park finance employee arrested in data breach probe

Almost the entire roster of Huntington Park’s Finance Department was placed on administrative leave and one staffer was arrested as part of an investigation into a records breach that has sparked competing claims of wrongdoing by city employees.

A statement issued by the city Wednesday said officials became aware of a “large-scale security breach of electronic financial records at Huntington Park City Hall” that was “intercepted and contained” by the city’s information technology division. The Huntington Park Police Department initiated a criminal investigation, according to the statement.

For the record:

7:32 PM, Apr. 14, 2021A previous version of this

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How much money should I spend on Coinbase stock? Financial advisers offer guidance to young investors

There’s investing with “play money” and then there’s playing with fire.

As Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, goes public, financial advisers want you to remember the difference.

With retail investor ranks swelling, there’s growing allure in finding and profiting off the next new thing.

Enter Coinbase
a platform with 56 million verified users that enables the purchase and sale of crytpocurrencies such as Bitcoin
and Ethereum, which appear to just keep increasing in value.

When Coinbase shares hit the market Wednesday afternoon, they were initially priced at $381. Within the first hour of trading,

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Climate scientists swap fieldwork for finance

Environmental scientist Laura Garcia Velez cut her teeth on projects to help Ethiopian farmers insure crops for drought and connect remote Colombian communities to the electricity grid before working for conservation campaigners WWF.

Now she’s an analyst for Lombard Odier, charged with improving the $350 billion Swiss bank’s green credentials.

“It’s really important that finance recruits from science,” said Velez, one of a growing number of campaigners and scientists who have switched to banking, which she hopes can play a role in “greening the polluting industries”.

Activism and finance may seem an unlikely pairing of two implacable foes.

Yet banks,

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