May 13, 2021


How Visa Direct Is Modernizing Money

The flow of money is central to modern life. Banks and payments companies play extremely important roles in everything from receiving a paycheck to shopping online. This has never been more true than with the advent of COVID-19.

Unfortunately, our payments system has been falling behind. Traditional clearing houses and international transfer systems take days to send money, which is simply too slow for the digital age. Fortunately, Visa (NYSE:V) has been working to improve the system. One of its recent innovations is a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solution called Visa Direct, which has the promise to send money to anyone

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How to follow the 50-30-20 budgeting strategy

This story is part of CNBC Make It’s One-Minute Money Hacks series, which provides easy, straightforward tips and tricks to help you understand your finances and take control of your money.

Managing your finances and setting a monthly budget can be challenging.

But if you’re overwhelmed with where to start, the 50-30-20 strategy can simplify the process.

The plan divides your income into three broad categories: necessities, wants, and savings and investments. Here’s a closer look at each.

50% of your paycheck should go toward things you need

This category includes all of your essential costs, such as rent, mortgage

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Biden’s next two stimulus bills: 5 ways you could get more money in 2021

There’s more than one way one of the proposed stimulus bills could bring you more money.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Once the $1,400 stimulus check and plus-up payments, the $3,600 child tax credit payments and the $16,000 tax break for child and dependent care are paid out, what else can you expect from President Joe Biden? The answer is this: If Biden and Congress come to an agreement, two more stimulus packages could come this year, totaling $3 trillion, with $1 trillion focused mostly on free education and additional money for families.

Biden’s American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan proposals

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Grandmother says she’ll withhold money if I don’t get pregnant: advice.

Pay Dirt is Slate’s new advice column examining money and relationships. Every week, columnists Elizabeth Spiers and Athena Valentine will tackle your thorny financial questions. Have a money question? Send it to Athena and Elizabeth here. (It’s anonymous!)

Dear Pay Dirt,

My grandmother has been harassing me nonstop about having children for years, and now that I have a steady boyfriend, she’s been ramping up the comments, begging, crying, and even talking to my boyfriend, saying, “I need to carry on the family line.” I’m 36 and have known for many years I don’t want children, and this has

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Help Wanted: Someone With Money and Connections

So you’ve been asked to become a director of a special purpose acquisition company, more commonly known as a SPAC. The job has something in common with being a director of a company. But there’s one big difference: Instead of overseeing a company that is building, selling or creating something, you’re in charge of a big pot of money.

Sure, being asked to become a director of a SPAC is a coveted brass ring in certain circles. In return, you’ll be asked to contribute knowledge and capital to the SPAC, whose sole purpose is to find a company that wants

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Here is the prize money payout for each golfer at the 2021 Wells Fargo Championship | Golf News and Tour Information

Rory McIlroy’s three-under 68 on Sunday was good enough for a one-stroke win at the Wells Fargo Championship. It was a performance that snapped McIlroy’s year-and-a-half slump, and gave the Ulsterman his third win at Quail Hollow. Moreover, Big Mo is now in McIlroy’s corner as the sport turns to its second major of the season in two weeks at Kiawah’s Ocean Corner which, spoiler alert, was the venue of McIlroy’s first PGA Championship victory.

However, right up there with McIlroy among the weekend winners is Bryson DeChambeau. The reigning U.S. Open champ believed he had been cut after a

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