April 18, 2021


Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight purses, salaries: How much money each fighter on the main card is set to earn

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Jake Paul and Ben Askren are set to square off on Saturday night in Atlanta in a sanctioned boxing match. While that sentence may surprise you a bit, the money both are set to make should not. Triller Fight Club is set to hand out some hefty checks to its combatants that will meet in the ring inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on pay-per-view.

Paul will make an official purse of $690,000 for his third career fight. The YouTube personality is coming off a viral knockout of former NBA star Nate Robinson on the undercard of the Triller

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Stimulus check status now: Plus-up payments, delivery schedule, everything to still know

If you already got your stimulus check, will you get a plus-up payment, too?

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you’re waiting for a third stimulus check, your patience could soon be rewarded. But even if you got a good chunk of stimulus money, there could be even more on the way that rightfully belongs to you. The IRS and US Treasury are still sending millions of checks through “plus-up payments,” weekly adjustments for folks who already got a check, but are actually owed more as a result of information on their 2020 tax returns and more. With the

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NC sent COVID relief money back as not enough parents applied

A state auditors report obtained by our Defender’s Team reveals North Carolina received $3.6 billion from the federal government for pandemic relief.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A state auditors report reveals North Carolina received $3.6 billion from the federal government for pandemic relief and sent more than $120 million of it back.

In the 21 page report, the state auditor breaks down how North Carolina spent its pandemic relief money.

Of the $3.6 billion dollars the state received, 94% of it was successfully distributed to relief programs, hospitals, schools, etc.

The remaining 6% was either sent back or is still

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How much money Americans in their 30s have in their 401(k) accounts

Early in your career, it can be difficult to see the urgency of putting aside money for retirement, but experts recommend that you start saving for the future as soon as you can.

And if you have access to a 401(k) account through your employer, take advantage of that benefit by contributing enough to qualify for the full employer match, which is essentially free money.

Retirement accounts such as 401(k)s and traditional IRAs allow you to put away a portion of your pretax salary and continue to accrue interest on that balance over time.

How much should you save for

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Update: Mesa couple recovers money from rental scam | 3 On Your Side

MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — 3 On Your Side has an update about a Mesa couple ripped off in a house rental scam who initially thought they were out a lot of money.

“We’ve recouped 100% of the money that we lost.”

Jahn Lambert and his fiancé Lynn DelCampo say they can’t believe they have their money back following a rental scam. “They credited my account in less than a week.”

The scammer who posted the ad texted them a code to access the lockbox on the front door. After going in and liking what they saw, the

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IRS $3,000 child tax credit: New timeline for monthly payments

Details on the child tax credit payments are still in the works, but money is expected to start going out in July. Here’s what we know.

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In just a few months, the IRS will start sending out the expanded child tax credit payments to eligible families with qualifying dependents. If you qualify, you’ll start receiving monthly payments from July to December, per the IRS, and the rest of your money will come with your 2021 tax refund.

Payments will range between $500 and $3,600 for each dependent, depending on age (see below). And if you have

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