February 21, 2021


7 Penny Stock Companies That Actually Make Money

Victims of the GameStop (NYSE:GME) bubble have learned an important lesson. It seems people always conveniently forget the most important rule on Wall Street. In order to be worth money, at some point a company must make money.

That applies to our recent penny stock bubble as well. Hundreds of companies in this risky section of the market soared in December and January as day traders endeavored to out-trade the pros on Wall Street.

But the only reason many of these stocks surged higher was because they were penny stocks. Full stop. Low priced companies in almost every

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Officers raise money to get Ann Arbor boy who survived terrible crash wheelchair accessible vehicle

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Last year a boy from Ann Arbor survived a terrible crash and his life was forever changed.

His journey touched the lives of the Wayne officers who answered the call. On Saturday, those officers and the family reunited to help the remarkable little boy.

“He’s an amazing kid. He’s my superhero,” said Lindsay Vierk, whose son was paralyzed in the crash.

Last September, DJ Butler was critically injured when his dad crashed their SUV in Wayne.

The boy’s dad was taking him to the Henry Ford Museum to see the Marvel exhibit.

Butler’s mom was at

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Fed Officials Saw Easy-Money Policies Remaining in Place

Federal Reserve officials agreed at their most recent policy meeting that they would need to hold interest rates very low and continue central bank bond purchases to help spur the economy’s recovery from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of them thought that the $900 billion federal stimulus package approved in December, the likelihood of more fiscal support and continued distribution of Covid-19 vaccines “would lead to a sizable boost in economic activity” this year, according to minutes of the Fed’s Jan. 26-27 meeting.

Still, they noted “the pandemic continued to pose considerable risks to the economic outlook” and

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Bruce Arians on Chris Godwin: Hard to leave for another system just for money

Getty Images

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said after the Super Bowl that he was “very. very confident” the team would be able to retain their key free agents and reiterated that confidence when the team celebrated their title at a boat parade last week.

Arians got another chance to weigh in on the topic when he spoke to reporters and his tone was a bit different. Arians said that he thinks players “know they have something special,” but touched on the financial realities that often drive decisions for free agents.

He said he thinks players will stay if the

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The Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger saga goes beyond just money

The Pittsburgh Steelers and their franchise quarterback Ben Roethlisberger are currently at odds. The general public feels as if the two parties are at odds over money, after all, Roethlisberger will have a whopping $41 million dollar cap hit in 2021, but is that really all which is plaguing this relationship?

A day after Kevin Colbert met with media, via Zoom, to discuss the organization moving forward, and the upcoming offseason, the fan base was ablaze thinking about Ben Roethlisberger possibly not being a part of the team in 2021. Whether it be to retirement, or a release, the thought

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Why Printers Are The Worst : Planet Money : NPR

Andrew Harr/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Hewlett-Packard Co. inkjet cartridges sit on display at the J&R Music World store in New York, U.S., on Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2009.

Andrew Harr/Bloomberg via Getty Images

DeLores Williams still remembers the day her printer stopped working. It was a Saturday, in September 2016. She walked, as she often does, to her home office to print photos of her grandkids. But when she clicked print, she didn’t hear her printer working. Finally, it did. But what came out were blobs of color.

Across the country, other people were running into similar problems. What’s more, they all had printers made by the same company, HP.

Williams called HP customer service. She spent hours with them on the phone,

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