May 5, 2021


Why is My Personal Loan APR Different Than the Interest Rate?

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Taking out a personal loan can sometimes feel like a whirlwind.

Between submitting your information for a soft pull (otherwise known as getting prequalified) and evaluating loan offers to choose the best one, it’s easy to overlook the many personal loan fees that can get tacked onto the money you borrow.

Just like any kind of loan or credit product, personal loans come with interest

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Lawsuit filed to block Dunleavy administration decision allowing personal watercraft in Kachemak Bay

Four conservation groups have sued the state of Alaska in an attempt to restore a ban on personal watercraft, often called Jet Skis, in Kachemak Bay near Homer.

The ban, in place since 2001, was rescinded Jan. 9 after a yearslong effort by personal watercraft users, including the Personal Watercraft Club of Alaska.

“We had instant support for a lawsuit as soon as the official action was announced. We gathered enough funds, I think, in that week, to move forward,” said Penelope Haas of Kachemak Bay Conservation Society, one of the four groups that filed suit Tuesday.

The groups are

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Alabama becomes latest school to launch program assisting student-athletes with personal branding

The era of college athletes profiting off of their name, image and likeness is rapidly approaching, and several schools are developing strategies to assist their student-athletes in this new era of college athletics. Now the biggest brand in college football just joined the fray. 

Alabama announced Tuesday that it has created a program called The Advantage, which will assist and educate Crimson Tide student-athletes with the tools necessary to build and elevate their personal brands. The program, which will combine on-campus resources with external organizations, will focus on the management of each individual brand, maximizing personal social media platforms and

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Corporations that take a stand also take a risk

They say silence is golden, yet numerous corporations recently have voiced positions on social issues that confront America: equality, immigration, voting rights, climate change and more. It is nothing new for corporations to take a stand, but in today’s politically charged environment, doing so means taking a greater risk than ever before.

Some believe companies only act in their best interest, so if a corporation thinks more of their customers and prospects are supportive of an issue than not, it is business-wise to speak out regardless of what the decision-makers really think.

Indeed, research shows many consumers consider a company’s

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9 Ways to Fail Miserably at Office Politics

“Office politics,” says Boston-based Karen Dillon, “is impossible to avoid. But it is manageable if you know what not to do. As the former editor of the Harvard Business Review magazine and author of the HBR Guide to Office Politics, Dillon provides a wealth of accessible, highly useful approaches to prevent being steamrolled by nasty behavior in the workplace.

I asked her, “What are some of the worst things I could do when faced with craziness on the job from my boss or co-workers?”

1. Take everything personally when someone talks over you or criticizes your ideas. Fume!


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Harris to place “personal stamp” on National Space Council

Updated 1:55 p.m. Eastern with Nelson statement.

WASHINGTON — Vice President Kamala Harris will put her “personal stamp” on the National Space Council as it takes on both existing and new priorities under the Biden administration.

Senior administration officials, speaking on background in a call with reporters May 1, confirmed that the administration will retain the National Space Council, an interagency body used to coordinate space policy across the federal government. The vice president chairs the council by statute.

The White House announced March 29 that the council, revived by the Trump administration in 2017 after a hiatus of almost

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