Rates on personal loans climb slightly

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The latest trends in interest rates for personal loans from the Credible marketplace, updated weekly. (iStock)

Well-qualified borrowers seeking personal loans during the week of Feb. 15, 2021 prequalified at rates that were slightly higher than a week ago, on average.

For borrowers with credit scores of 720 or higher who used the Credible marketplace

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For Jeff Green, heart health is very, very personal

For Nets fans, Jeff Green is a big surprise, a veteran player who’s been around … and can still play at a high level. Yes, he played with Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City and the Nets are his 10th team. To them, for the most part, that’s Uncle Jeff’s narrative.

But perhaps the thing that’s most surprising about the 34-year-old’s history has nothing to do with basketball, but with what happened on January 9, 2012. On that day, he underwent open heart surgery. It wasn’t just his career that was at risk. So was his life.

“It just made me

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Saweetie on ‘Best Friend’ and Her Personal Style

Photo: Blair Cladwell/Warner Records

In both her music and her style, Saweetie has become known for an uncanny ability to make nostalgia feel modern. In her songs, that means laying verses over early-2000s beats like Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” and Too $hort’s “Blow the Whistle.” In her style, it translates to butterfly crop tops and flippy ponytails. “I definitely love the baggy jeans and oversize clothing,” she says, but she sees her style as more than just an amalgamation of eras. “I think my fashion is so diverse! Because I sample songs, it creates a misconception that

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Why Do Personal Checks Still Exist?

Illustration for article titled Why Do Personal Checks Still Exist?

Photo: jwohlfeil (Shutterstock)

Personal checks are steadily falling into disuse. They’re kind of like fax machines—outmoded, slow, with only a hardened group of people still using them even as they become less practical. Is there any good reason to still use paper checks? In some cases, yes—although you still have to be careful about identity theft.

What is a personal check?

Unlike the glowing rectangles of phones or debit terminal displays we usually use for purchases, checks are rectangles made of paper, and they take a long time to be processed through the mail—typically days or

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Google’s Redesigned Digital Wallet Tries to Make Payments Feel More Personal

Alphabet Inc.’s

Google is trying to draw more people to its payment app and keep them there longer with features such as a reward system, new financial management services and a format for listing payments that evokes text-message conversations.

The Google Pay app will eventually offer Plex, mobile checking and savings accounts being introduced by Google in partnership with 11 banks and credit unions.

“It positions the mobile app and Google Pay to solve for a broader set of a customer’s financial needs beyond payments,” said Ross Cosner, vice president and analyst at Gartner Inc.

Google’s redesigned app, which arrived

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Bulls’ Chandler Hutchison out indefinitely with personal issue

Bulls forward Chandler Hutchison is out indefinitely with a personal issue, head coach Billy Donovan said before the team’s matchup with the Washington Wizards Monday night.

“The conversations I have had with him have been absolutely terrific. I give him a lot of credit. He’s handled himself like a complete pro,” Donovan said. “But right now there’s some things he needs to focus on personally and that’s where his attention is at.”

Since returning from a bout with COVID-19, Hutchison, who is in his third season with the Bulls after being selected 22nd overall in the 2018 draft, has been

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