April 18, 2021

Councilman demands that Stabosz stop “incessant, unfounded personal attacks” on fellow county officials

  Press release submitted by La Porte County Councilman Mark Yagelski Yagelski La Porte County…


Press release submitted by La Porte County Councilman Mark Yagelski


La Porte County Council Vice President Mark Yagelski, the longest serving elected county official who was key in creating the county’s Office of Economic Development. has demanded that newly elected County Auditor Tim Stabosz “immediately stop these incessant, unfounded personal attacks on the integrity of our county attorney and two of our county commissioners,” saying this “nonsense is hurting our county’s reputation with business prospects and job creation activities.”

In a press release, Yagelski said “business craves a safe, stable investment environment where county leadership is working in tandem and is unified. Instead, Auditor Stabosz has made ridiculous claims from the moment he was sworn in about ‘corruption,’ the county’s ‘operating authority being completely rotten’ and a  ‘culture of fear, terror and duress.’  “Stabosz actually put out an Op/Ed on April 6 claiming the commissioners have surrendered their ‘moral authority’ and that county government is ‘an authoritarian structure reminiscent of Soviet Russia.’” Yagelski said.

“Our new auditor is either reading too many Marvel comic books or spending too much time on video games as he comes up with these dramatic, ridiculous, over-the-top depictions of county government,” Yagelski said. “It’s time he put up or shut up. I say again to him – if you have any evidence of wrongdoing, take it to the state police, the county prosecutor or FBI Public Integrity Unit.  Otherwise, shut up and do the job the taxpayers elected you to do.”

The four-term 3rd District councilman said that “site selectors for business prospects search carefully to see if a county’s leadership is unified and is not embroiled in  controversy. We’ve made great strides in recent years with economic development efforts and this nonsense threatens to derail that. For instance, we are in the finals of site selection for a big, vertical farming operation that would mean 176 jobs paying an average wage of $35,000. Rather than helping us, the auditor hurts our efforts with site selectors with these ridiculous, unfounded attacks claiming ‘corruption’ and ‘moral abdication’ by county officials.

“I’m lobbying for federal money for the Franklin Street bridge and what I’ve heard from federal officials is ‘what in the world is going on in your county with this auditor?  I want the auditor to stop this nonsense NOW!” Yagelski said.

“Also lobbying the Statehouse in Indianapolis, they’re asking the same questions. Remember the South Shore Double Track project? This became a model for the State of Indiana and the country on how to ask for and receive funding for this project. The key to this project was the three counties working hand in hand in the spirit of cooperation.

“It is now time for La Porte County officials to step up and work hand in hand with the spirit of cooperation so we don’t lose out on are fair share of money!”