June 23, 2021

Does Connecticut Owe You Money In 2021? Here’s How To Find Out

CONNECTICUT — Money that belongs to Connecticut residents could be sitting in government accounts, but…

CONNECTICUT — Money that belongs to Connecticut residents could be sitting in government accounts, but it’s up to you to claim your property. The state maintains a database of more than $869 million in assets under its control until they are claimed by the owner or that person’s heirs.

Many people who have unclaimed cash don’t realize it, whether it’s money owed from pension funds, business refunds or other sources.

Connecticut’s Office of the Treasurer calls this unclaimed money “The Big List” and launched a website earlier this year making it easier for residents to cash in.

Unclaimed assets may include savings or checking accounts, un-cashed checks, matured certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds or mutual funds and proceeds from life insurance policies. These assets are held in custody of the Treasurer until claimants come forward to claim their property, but will be remitted to the Office of the Treasurer by business entities after the business loses contact with a customer for a period of three to five years.

To check on their hidden assets, residents may log onto The Big List website, and just enter their name or business and begin the search.

If you’re in the money, you will need to upload some documents that prove you’re you, and obtain a claim number. From your first mouse click to the check showing up in your mailbox, expect to wait about three months.

To search for unclaimed money that may be lying in a different state’s treasury, check this list of treasurer’s offices.

If you don’t have money lying in the state treasury, the government also suggests checking for unclaimed funds from bank failures or unclaimed deposits from credit union closures. You could also check for unclaimed or undelivered tax refunds or a refund from an FHA-insured mortgage.

Finally, you can check for unclaimed back wages, pension money or life insurance funds. Here is how to find out how to search for these unclaimed funds.