April 10, 2021

Local business moves to new location | Business

A local small business is preparing to move to a new location at the end…

A local small business is preparing to move to a new location at the end of April.

AR Workshop St. Joseph, a craft boutique workshop, will move from its current location near Hy-Vee to the East Ridge Village Shops at 3855 Frederick Avenue. They offer home decor and other creative projects.

“This location used to be Kristen’s Coin and Jewelry for a long time, so we’re right by Perkins and some other great businesses: Hazel’s Coffee and Blessings Boutique, Merle Norman. So we’re really excited to be in here with all these other really popular businesses,” Jessica Estes, owner of AR Workshop St. Joseph, said.

The new location offers more space to do more crafts, Estes said.

“With more space, now we can have more tables. So we’re allowed to have more people in here, but we can still social distance as long as we need to. So that’s gonna be really great. And with our extra storage in the back and a room to actually cut the wood, it’s going to keep sawdust and dirt out of here more,” Ester said.

There also will be more space for local vendors to display their items in the front of the workshop.

“We have candles and soaps, home decor items; we like to really show you how to put a room together, so lots of ideas there. So it’s just gonna be a lot, probably double to triple the amount of retail space, so more offerings for just nice gifting options for everybody,” Estes said.

Estes said opening day for the new space will be on Thursday, April 29.

“A year ago, we didn’t know something like this was going to be an opportunity or not for us because of COVID and all the restrictions. But really, the community rallied behind us, really supported our DIY to-go and then came back out when they felt safe and comfortable,” Estes said. “That’s really allowing us to expand now. So we’re really grateful for the community being behind all the small businesses here.”