April 20, 2021

Personal trainers in NEPA get busy again

More and more people are getting back to getting in shape.

SCRANTON, Pa. — More and more people are returning to gyms all over northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

Austin Hill of Scranton was working as a trainer in Los Angeles when the pandemic hit.

“Restrictions continued to get worse and worse, especially in Los Angeles, so one thing led to another, and I just felt it was time to come home back to Scranton,” he said.

And he did. He now works at Elite Gamespeed NEPA in Scranton.

Gyms were forced to close for a time during the health crisis

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Business owner is confident downtown vibe will return | News

Dick Nelson, the owner of two businesses in downtown Johnson City, has seen his fair share of ups and downs in the business world during the past two decades.

And while the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been a low point for many local retailers and restauranteurs, Nelson believes there are better days ahead for his and other downtown businesses.

“The pandemic has set many things back 10 years, but I don’t think it will take 10 years for the downtown to recover,” said Nelson, who owns the building at the corner of East Main Street and Colonial Way where he

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NC Rate Bureau granted smaller insurance increase on dwellings than what was sought

RALEIGH, N.C. (WITN) -The N.C. Department of Insurance has ended its legal dispute with the North Carolina Rate Bureau on its proposed 18.7% dwelling insurance rate increase as the two sides reached an agreement on a smaller increase.

On Dec. 14, 2020, the Rate Bureau, which represents companies writing property insurance in North Carolina and is not a part of the N.C. Department of Insurance, proposed a 18.7% statewide overall increase in dwelling insurance rates.

After studying the data, Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey says he negotiated a settlement for a much smaller rate of an overall statewide increase of 7.6%,

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Tim Eyman ordered to reimburse taxpayers $2.9 million for campaign finance lawsuit costs

The amount is in addition to the $2.6 million penalty he must pay as a result of a 2017 lawsuit that accused him of soliciting kickbacks and laundering donations.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Editor’s note: Video aired Feb. 2021

Initiative sponsor Tim Eyman will have to pay nearly $2.9 million to reimburse Washington taxpayers for costs and fees related to the campaign finance lawsuit brought against him by Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

The amount is in addition to the $2.6 million penalty Eyman was ordered to pay in February as a result of the 2017 lawsuit by Ferguson’s office that accused

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Was Braman Motors target of hackers demanding ransom money? Employee says it’s true

MIAMI, Fla. – Sources have told Local 10 that Braman Motors was the target of a sophisticated cyberattack, but the company is calling what they are dealing with a “network outage.”

Local 10 sources said that a hacker is holding the automotive dealer hostage for money.

The employee, who wanted to remain anonymous, said a notice flashed on some of Braman’s computers. “The whole system at Braman crashed and we got a ransom note from the hackers. They took the whole system out and they are asking for money.”

The employee had a photo of the computer screen dated April

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Two medical students support ND folks in need of personal hygiene products

Across the state, folks experiencing poverty have limited access to hygiene products. So two future doctors are using their free time to fix the issue.

The lack of access to period products affects low-income, incarcerated, or homeless populations. These two women made it their mission to restore dignity back to the underserved areas in the state.

Zoe Sayler, co- affiliate for ND I Support the Girls says, “If you don’t have those basic needs it can be difficult and so we want to make sure that everyone feels empowered in their daily life and that we’re happy we’re a step

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