February 25, 2021

Fry’s Electronics has gone out of business after 36 years

The post-economic fallout caused by the pandemic has claimed a West Coast icon.

Fry’s Electronics announced on its website it has shut down operations and closed all 31 of its stores after 36 years, citing “changes in the retail industry and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The company’s full website has been pulled down, replaced only with a message detailing the chain’s closure.

Fry’s is reaching out to vendors and to customers who have ongoing repairs with the chain about next steps.

“The Company will implement the shut down through an orderly wind down process that it believes

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Democrats Are Subsidizing Health Insurance Predators

Propping up the corporate health insurance industry isn’t cheap or painless, but for Democrats in Washington, it’s the only way.

Instead of enacting a universal Medicare for All health care system that would save the United States and its citizens hundreds of billions of dollars annually, temporarily expanding Medicare, or championing a promised “public option,” Democrats are rallying behind a health care proposal that will funnel tens of billions of dollars to corporate health insurance companies, even as they are already experiencing record profits and jacking up premiums, while continuing to deny claims.

Democrats’ current plan will

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For Jeff Green, heart health is very, very personal

For Nets fans, Jeff Green is a big surprise, a veteran player who’s been around … and can still play at a high level. Yes, he played with Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City and the Nets are his 10th team. To them, for the most part, that’s Uncle Jeff’s narrative.

But perhaps the thing that’s most surprising about the 34-year-old’s history has nothing to do with basketball, but with what happened on January 9, 2012. On that day, he underwent open heart surgery. It wasn’t just his career that was at risk. So was his life.

“It just made me

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Business Planner 2/24/2021 | Chesterfield Observer


How to Start Your Own Business, 6:30- 8:30 p.m. and same time March 11 and March 18 virtually. In this three-part online webinar, participants will learn the basics for starting a business from local, experienced small business professionals. A SCORE workshop series. Registration required. $75/all three sessions. 804-350-3569, richmond.score.org


Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. virtually. Gail Letts of Letts Consulting will discuss cultural transformation. Registration required. $20, $30/nonmembers. 804-748-6364, chesterfieldchamber.com


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10 major auto insurance companies sued over premiums during pandemic

LAS VEGAS — Class action lawsuits were filed in Nevada against 10 major auto insurance companies on Tuesday, contending that the companies charged excessive insurance premiums during the pandemic by failing to account for a drop in driving and crashes.

The lawsuits acknowledge that some insurers provided discounts over the emptier roads and drop in accidents and claims, but the discounts did not offer “any meaningful relief that actually reflects the reduction in cars on the road and reduced driving during the pandemic,” according to the court filings. The rates that were charged violate state law against excessive premiums, the

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We put our spendthrift neighbors in touch with our financial adviser. They called her ‘lousy.’ So how come WE are the ones who retired early?

My husband and I retired early. We were very frugal. Friends called us cheap. We prefer thrifty or frugal. We had no children, they had three kids; we rarely took vacations, they vacationed every year. Who deserves an annual vacation? There’s a reason why we retired early.

We always paid cash for our modest cars, but then drove our cars for 10 years or more. I don’t think they ever went two months without at least even one car payment.

We love our financial adviser, and our extravagant neighbors, keen to retire early like us, asked for her business card.

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