April 20, 2021

Personal trainers in NEPA get busy again

More and more people are getting back to getting in shape. SCRANTON, Pa. — More…

More and more people are getting back to getting in shape.

SCRANTON, Pa. — More and more people are returning to gyms all over northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

Austin Hill of Scranton was working as a trainer in Los Angeles when the pandemic hit.

“Restrictions continued to get worse and worse, especially in Los Angeles, so one thing led to another, and I just felt it was time to come home back to Scranton,” he said.

And he did. He now works at Elite Gamespeed NEPA in Scranton.

Gyms were forced to close for a time during the health crisis and to keep in touch with clients and help them stay fit, some turned to online workout sessions and training.

But now, those trainers said more and more people are starting to return to the gym in-person, feeling more comfortable as restrictions ease and vaccinations increase.

“The numbers in the gym have definitely grown significantly, especially in the last month and a half. People we still wear our masks here, we still follow the CDC regulations here, people do seem to be following them,” said Tami Peddigree, the wellness and program director at Jersey Shore YMCA.

“We noticed quite an influx of clients coming right back in. Obviously, we follow all the regulations, but as soon as those restrictions were lifted, clients started coming right back and right back into the gym here,” agreed Hill.

For those still not comfortable with in-person workouts, those virtual sessions remain an option.

The trainers said they understand how their clients may be feeling, but they added that getting back in person can be so helpful.

“We come here not just to work out but for mental health, and we lost that, and it’s been a struggle,” said Peddigree.