March 23, 2021


Looking for affordable car insurance? Take these 5 steps now

Finding cheap car insurance may be easier than you think. (iStock)

Car insurance can protect you against financial losses if you’re in an accident. Approximately 87% of drivers have some type of insurance coverage, according to the Insurance Research Council. A study by AAA estimates the average driver spends $1,202 per year on car insurance.

Shopping online for car insurance quotes is one option for finding affordable coverage when you need to save money. That may be important for your financial goals if the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on your household income.

You can visit

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Covid relief bill will make health insurance more affordable for millions

Brothers91 | E+ | Getty Images

If getting health insurance through a public exchange has been too pricey for you, that could soon change.

The $1.9 trillion Covid stimulus package that’s expected to clear the House of Representatives on Friday includes several provisions that aim to make health care more affordable for households. They include: increasing premium subsidies (technically tax credits) through the federal marketplace and state exchanges for 2021 and 2022, expanding who qualifies for them and forgiving amounts due by taxpayers who received too much in subsidies in 2020 (and minimizing that issue for 2021).

While various parts

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