April 21, 2021


Asian business, residents grapple with pandemic discrimination

Aaron Tom wipes his forehead as he stands over the steaming grill at the back of Shanghai Restaurant while making his family’s lo mein recipe. He moves instinctually, having made this dish for years, creating his livelihood by serving others. 

Tom’s routine working hours are spent facilitating every aspect of his business, whether that’s attending to customers or helping in the kitchen. Tom said the restaurant industry is a stable and predictable line of work for him — one that never made him worry about possible failure. 

But recently, that’s changed.

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way many

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Asian American business owners are protecting themselves against racist attacks

Since the March 14 incident, the threats to Nguyen’s life and business have escalated. Last week, someone wrote “hope it burns down” on the Instagram account for his restaurant, Noodle Tree. An anonymous man phoned the restaurant, reciting Nguyen’s home address with a warning: “We’re coming for you.”

“The threats are getting more violent, more extreme,” said Nguyen, 33.

The United States is no stranger to anti-Asian racism. As early as 1882, the Chinese exclusion act banned Chinese immigration for 10 years. (Monica Rodman, Sarah Hashemi/The Washington Post)

Asian American entrepreneurs across the country are combating a sharp rise

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This group is giving personal alarms to Asian Americans to protect them from violence

Video above: Protesters rally in Atlanta to stop violence against Asian AmericansA New York City anti-hate group is distributing personal safety alarms to Asian Americans and immigrants to protect them from a recent surge of racially motivated violence.Safe From Hate has donated 3,000 handheld alarms that emit an extremely loud noise to shock and disorient attackers while calling attention from bystanders and law enforcement officials.With its donations, the group aims to thwart anti-Asian violence, which has risen drastically across the United States in recent months. The Asian American community was again targeted on Tuesday, when a shooting spree in the … Read More

Asian business owners react to Atlanta-area shootings

“I saw myself in these women,” she said. “I feel I have been screaming about hate crimes and violence against Asian Americans from the beginning of the pandemic, and no one was listening.”

Many Asian-American and Asian business owners like Wills — who founded the nail salon chain Base Coat Salon — feel similarly this week in the wake of the shootings.

Eight people were killed at three metro Atlanta massage parlors. Six of the victims were Asian. Local authorities have said it is too early to know for sure the motive behind the shootings. Nonetheless, they have sparked fresh
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UConn hosts panel on anti-Asian violence, panelists discuss personal experiences as Asian Americans

Conn. (WTNH) — Many in the UConn community are calling this a hate crime. In a virtual discussion, professors, students, and community members came together to talk about it Thursday.

One by one, panelists talked about their personal experiences as Asian Americans. It was called Asians in America: Anti-Asian Violence and the Fight Against Invisibility.

Many of them talked about painful experiences about being stereotyped or facing discrimination
well before the pandemic started. Over the last year, though it’s gotten worse.

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One man says his Asian friend wasn’t allowed in

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