May 9, 2021


How the Pandemic Has Made Us More Sensitive to Personal Boundaries

According to Buquè, anyone who experiences trauma becomes tender and more aware of their boundaries. “They become more emotionally raw, more attuned to their internal needs and their external boundaries,” she explains. “So a lot of what we’re seeing in terms of the boundaries has to do with that new threshold and that new window of tolerance.”

As for how to deal with it? “Everybody experiences trauma differently,” Glover Tawwab cautions. “Some people will run towards others, and others run away. Friends and family may think it is significant to have conversations about how their kids are doing, or what’s

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US businesses near border struggle with boundaries’ closure

NOGALES, Ariz. (AP) — Evan Kory started calling brides in Mexico’s northern Sonora state last March, asking if they wanted to get their wedding gowns from his Arizona store just before the U.S. closed its borders with Mexico and Canada because of the coronavirus.

His namesake shop in the border town of Nogales was popular among brides-to-be in northern Sonora for its large, affordable inventory, said Kory, the third-generation proprietor. Located steps from the border fence, Kory’s has been in business for half a century but has been closed for a year because of the pandemic, with its main customer

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