May 7, 2021


Does turning 25 guarantee you a better car insurance rate?

Turning 25 can affect your car insurance rate but it’s not guaranteed. Here’s what you need to know about factors that can impact your car insurance rate. (iStock)

There are several factors that can influence your car insurance rate, with age being one of them. Young drivers often look forward to their 25th birthday, which is when car insurance rates are typically expected to decrease. 

But turning 25 doesn’t mean your rate suddenly drops. Depending on your driving record and how much time you’ve spent behind the wheel, you might not see much of a rate decrease after

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Insurance company denies claim for couple rear-ended in car crash

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — Pasco County retiree Nick Catalano never saw the other vehicle coming. The driver slammed into the back of his SUV at a New Port Richey intersection last October.

“All of a sudden something hit us so hard we went across the three lanes of the oncoming traffic,” said Nick’s wife Mildred, who was in the passenger seat.

The crash caused about $3,000 in damages leaving Nick, who has a disability, unable to get his walker in and out of the SUV’s rear hatch. He has been struggling to cram the walker into the back seat since

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How much car insurance do you really need?

Choosing the right amount of car insurance can be tricky. While your state probably requires some coverage, you may find yourself wondering if it’s enough, or if you should buy more.

There’s no quick and easy answer. While you’re obligated to get the minimum amount of car insurance required to drive in your state, how much you purchase beyond that should depend on your own financial situation.

Protect your wallet with sufficient liability coverage

The main component of car insurance — liability coverage — doesn’t pay you if you cause a crash. Instead, it pays for injuries, deaths and property

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Man hit with almost $90,000 bill after serious car accident despite having insurance

When Mark Gottlieb was hit by another car while driving in January of 2019, he damaged four vertebrae and smashed several teeth.

“A car basically came out of nowhere. I thought I was going to die,” he told, “CBS This Morning.”

His Geico Car Insurance plan covered $250,000 of medical care. After physical therapy and other treatments that Geico covered, Gottlieb needed spinal surgery. He didn’t pre-clear the surgery with his medical insurer, Aetna, because he thought he would be covered by the money left in his Geico plan. But the hospital and surgeon’s bills totaled over $700,000.

“It was

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7 accused of running car insurance fraud ring in Fargo

Cass County prosecutors filed last week felony charges of conspiracy to commit a fraudulent insurance act and illegally conducting an enterprise against Fargo residents Connor Del Marum, Jamal Dantrell Neita, Zachary Scott Norquist, Tarron Lashon Spragging, Emmanuel Essam, Elijah Darne Stone and Steven Stone. Neita appeared Monday in court on the charges, and arrest warrants are out for the remaining defendants.

The North Dakota Insurance Fraud Division started investigating the group in June after receiving an online referral from Geico Insurance. The company said Steven Stone bought a liability-only policy for a van he did not own but claimed he

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Tips on negotiating with your car insurance company after an incident

Here’s what you need to know before negotiating an auto insurance claim. (iStock)

After you notify your car insurance company that your vehicle has been involved in an accident, they will send out a claim adjuster to take care of your insurance claim. In total, the process involves assessing the damage to your vehicle, determining an appropriate amount for reimbursement, and guiding you through the insurance settlement process from start to finish.

However, not all auto insurance companies are created equal. An auto accident can lead to a personal injury claim, lost wages, and more. This is why

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