May 2, 2021


Get Out of Credit Card Debt

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When you’re deep in credit card debt, sky-high interest rates can make it tough to dig yourself out. A personal loan can sometimes be helpful if you want to a lower interest rate and fixed monthly payments.

Payoff offers a quick, easy application process for qualified borrowers looking to consolidate their credit card debt and pay it down over time at a lower interest rate.

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Business group, local app developer plan gift card that can be spent at small businesses throughout Portland

As small Portland businesses struggled through a difficult holiday season amid the coronavirus pandemic, some began discussing the possibility of creating a communal gift card that could be spent at independent shops across the city.

Bricks Need Mortar, a coalition of local businesses, explored the idea but founder Sarah Shaoul didn’t think anything like that existed.

At the same time, Kiyo Kubo, a Portland app developer, was going door-to-door to businesses across the city, trying to convince them to sign on to his new startup venture, Kuto, an alternative payment app designed to save businesses money on credit

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Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight purses, salaries: How much money each fighter on the main card is set to earn

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Jake Paul and Ben Askren are set to square off on Saturday night in Atlanta in a sanctioned boxing match. While that sentence may surprise you a bit, the money both are set to make should not. Triller Fight Club is set to hand out some hefty checks to its combatants that will meet in the ring inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on pay-per-view.

Paul will make an official purse of $690,000 for his third career fight. The YouTube personality is coming off a viral knockout of former NBA star Nate Robinson on the undercard of the Triller

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Can a business legally ask to see a customer’s vaccine card?

As more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19, you may be wondering if it’s safe to return to work and whether you can freely cater to customers in person. One way to ease this return is to require that both your customers and employees get vaccinated. But tread lightly, as requiring a vaccine—or even proof of one—can be a minefield for businesses, Inc. reports

In most cases, a business can require employees to get vaccinated, but they will have to make accommodations for employees who don’t get a vaccine due to a particular disability or sincerely held religious objection. The

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Victims of EDD debit card fraud say Bank of America made it too difficult to recoup stolen money

It was an unpleasant surprise for Jennifer Yick when the Bank of America debit card holding her unemployment benefits was declined by a store. The San Francisco resident knew she had more than $400 in the account.

She logged into the bank website and saw four hefty DoorDash charges — even though she has never used the food delivery service.

“I felt sucker-punched,” she said. “They just drained it.”

Then she embarked on a lengthy quest — “the tale of unending phone calls, hours on hold,” she said — to contact Bank of America about the theft.

Scores of jobless

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Can You Make Personal Purchases With a Business Credit Card?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should — especially if you already promised not to.

There are many good reasons to keep your personal and business purchases separate, but it can be a little challenging to keep a clean line between your expenses when you have a small business, especially when it’s a business of one.

As a sole proprietor who works from home, some of my personal purchases wind up as a part of my business life — and vice versa. Is that new laptop solely for work, or will I end up doing a bit of personal

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