April 2, 2021


How A Business Finance Coach Can Help Your Business Make Money

Often you hear business owners talking about their multiple six and seven-figure businesses, which causes much confusion in the entrepreneurial space. Having large revenue numbers like that is excellent, but without understanding fully what that means, it can be unclear to know how great an achievement it is. To an accountant, revenue is not as impressive as profit. If your business is making a profit, that is impressive. But many multiple seven-figure businesses have gone bankrupt due to a lack of profit.

Profit is how much money your business is making, and it

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Deion Sanders’ Jackson State debut takes strange turn after coach says personal items were ‘stolen’

Deion Sanders’ college football coaching debut Sunday ended badly, and then weirdly.

The Jackson State coach told reporters following his team’s game that his belongings had been taken from his stadium office. About an hour later, an unnamed university official told Jackson, Miss., TV station WAPT that the items were “misplaced” and then recovered.

Sanders, however, repeated that he had been robbed, going against Jackson State’s account. He also added that the thief was caught in the act.

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Lamar Jackson’s Personal Coach Discusses His Offseason Plan

The work on improving Jackson’s accuracy when throwing outside the numbers will continue, along with emphasis on the mental aspects of playing quarterback. As they review tape of Jackson’s 2020 season, Harris and Jackson will discuss the various coverages he faced and why he made certain reads correctly or incorrectly.

Opposing teams spend many hours trying to devise ways to contain Jackson, and he will be searching for new ways to counter those tactics. Jackson can make game-changing plays with both his arm and his legs, and Harris wants to help Jackson anticipate where different defensive schemes will be most

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