April 19, 2021


In a year largely defined by shutdowns, this Madison business grew… and continues to boom

New Yelp data shows nearly 500,000 new businesses opened during the past year

MIDDLETON, Wis.– While there’s no underscoring the impact the pandemic has had on local small business owners, new data from Yelp provides a welcome sign of hope: Nearly half a million businesses (487,577 in total) opened during the past year. That’s down just 14% compared with the period one year earlier. More than 15% of the new establishments were restaurant and food businesses.

While many Madison-based businesses closed

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Lewis Farms continues the berry business

Decades before the N.C. Azalea Festival blossomed, another plant marked the start of spring in the Wilmington area: strawberries. The plant and its juicy fruit not only were popular at dinner tables, strawberries were part of a thriving local business known as truck-farming.


Instead of being sold only in local markets, strawberries and crops such as lettuce, cabbage and melons were shipped to distant markets, usually via truck to a rail depot, where refrigerated train cars transported them to cities along the East Coast. The proliferation of agriculture in California and its year-round growing

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Whitmer continues to push personal responsibility to combat rising COVID-19 numbers in Michigan

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Wednesday message to Michiganders to combat the latest surge of COVID-19 was much like last week’s message: Get vaccinated, continue to wear masks, social distance and regularly wash hands.

But if you happen to catch COVID-19, Whitmer highlighted a therapy — monoclonal antibodies —that has been available since December but somewhat underused.

So far, 6,600 people who have contracted COVID-19 within about 10 days have received the 21-minute infusion. In early March, Crain’s reported that about 4,000 people had received the antibodies.

“Sixty-five percent of patients report feeling better within two days and less than 5 percent

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Michigan governor continues to rely on vaccines, personal choice to handle COVID surge

DETROIT – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Monday that the state’s response to rising COVID cases should be to begin shutting things down.

That announcement came Monday just days after Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer asked residents statewide for a two week pause.

She has opted out of a mandated shutdown. On Monday, she spoke at a Michigan vaccine event to address the questions about whether future shutdowns are possible.

The governor came to the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center and toured a long running vaccination program.

She took the chance to discuss where Michigan stands in battling

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Business of games continues through pandemic, beyond, summit reveals

While some business sectors have suffered during the coronavirus pandemic, gaming and esports have grown — and are now a bigger industry than movies and North American sports combined, according to Chris Volpe, a leading voice in Midwest gaming and esports.

Volpe, president of Multivarious, founder and executive director of GDEX, and president and founder of Ohio Game Developer Association, provided a State of the Industry overview at Ohio University’s Third Annual Business of Games Summit. Prominent entrepreneurs, software and hardware developers, publishers, investors, marketers and players came together to inform students, educators and the community about the various

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