May 12, 2021


Prosecutors charge Marshfield, Mo. insurance agent with stealing from elderly couple

MARSHFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – The Webster County prosecutor filed charges against a Marshfield insurance agent accused of defrauding an elderly couple.

Lacey Stokes faces charges of stealing and exploiting an elderly person. She appeared before a judge Tuesday morning.

The couple filed a police report on April 16. Investigators say the couple paid $5,300 in premiums for auto, farm, home and a cabin and boat dock through L Stokes Agency. The couple learned the insurance company never received payment for the policies.

“This one is so public and the exposure to individuals who believed they had a policy of insurance,

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Personal Finance Book by Couple With 14 Kids Offers Smart Money Advice

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  • Rob and Sam Fatzinger are the authors of a new book about living debt-free with 14 kids.
  • They share smart strategies for budgeting, saving, and paying off debt, regardless of family size.
  • The kids range in age from 4 to 31, and several share their own insights in the book.
  • Compare savings account rates & offers in your area »

Sam and Rob Fatzinger are a lot like the average American couple.

In their new book, “A Catholic Guide to Spending Less and Living

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Insurance company denies claim for couple rear-ended in car crash

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — Pasco County retiree Nick Catalano never saw the other vehicle coming. The driver slammed into the back of his SUV at a New Port Richey intersection last October.

“All of a sudden something hit us so hard we went across the three lanes of the oncoming traffic,” said Nick’s wife Mildred, who was in the passenger seat.

The crash caused about $3,000 in damages leaving Nick, who has a disability, unable to get his walker in and out of the SUV’s rear hatch. He has been struggling to cram the walker into the back seat since

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Skyrocketing cost of long-term-care insurance leaves a couple in a bind

The long-term-care insurance industry as a whole has suffered gigantic losses due to pricing decisions made decades ago that proved to be far off the mark: Insurers underestimated how long policyholders would live and need nursing home care, while overestimating how many would drop plans before collecting benefits (few did).

Insurers are now raising rates to account for their past miscalculations. And in recent years, some of biggest names in the industry have gotten out of the business and no longer write individual long-term-care policies.

About half of Americans turning 65 will require long-term-care services. Most will need assistance for

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Suspect Gives Couple His ID After Breaking In, Stealing Their Money in NY Hotel

Police say they arrested a Long Island man after he allegedly left his ID following a hotel room break-in in Manhasset, New York on April 16.

Michael C. Lee, 29, allegedly entered another guest’s room at the Travelodge hotel on Northern Boulevard at around 3 a.m. through their unlocked sliding glass window, according to CBS New York.

The female guest, 33, called out to her boyfriend, 44, for help upon encountering Lee, Daily Voice reported.

The couple demanded to know why he was in their room and asked for his ID.

Lee willingly handed over his driver’s license and

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Update: Mesa couple recovers money from rental scam | 3 On Your Side

MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — 3 On Your Side has an update about a Mesa couple ripped off in a house rental scam who initially thought they were out a lot of money.

“We’ve recouped 100% of the money that we lost.”

Jahn Lambert and his fiancé Lynn DelCampo say they can’t believe they have their money back following a rental scam. “They credited my account in less than a week.”

The scammer who posted the ad texted them a code to access the lockbox on the front door. After going in and liking what they saw, the

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