May 10, 2021


Fed Says Covid Is Major Financial Risk, Asset Prices Vulnerable to ‘Significant Declines’

WASHINGTON—The Covid-19 pandemic remains one of the biggest near-term risks to the stability of the financial system, the Federal Reserve said, while noting that asset prices are vulnerable to significant declines if investor sentiment shifts.

“Should risk appetite decline from elevated levels, a range of asset prices could be vulnerable to large and sudden declines, which can lead to broader stress to the financial system,” the central bank said in its semiannual Financial Stability Report. Such scenarios could materialize if progress on containing the virus falls short of expectations or the recovery stalls, straining some households and firms, the Fed

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Ellensburg business responds to COVID outbreak | All Access

A local establishment is working to use mitigation in its response to a COVID-19 outbreak that occurred at its location in April.

A press release from the Kittitas County Public Health Department is asking anyone who was at Club 301 from April 23 to May 1 to be tested for COVID and isolate until test results are returned.

In response to the outbreak, the release said Club 301 is working closely with the Kittitas County Incident Management Team to keep customers safe, employees working, and everyone vaccinated.

To mitigate the outbreak, Club 301 is holding a vaccine clinic from 3

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Yellen under fire for failing to testify about COVID relief funding on Capitol Hill

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is under fire for missing an April deadline to testify before the House and Senate Small Business Committees, even though she is required to do so under the coronavirus relief bill law passed by Congress in December. 

The $900 billion stimulus bill, which former President Donald Trump signed into law on Dec. 27, 2020, stipulates that the Treasury secretary and Small Business Administration administrator must testify before the House Small Business Committee and the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship no later than “120 days after the date

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Harris’ family in India where COVID rages

WASHINGTON (AP) — G. Balachandran turned 80 this spring — a milestone of a birthday in India, where he lives. If not for the coronavirus pandemic, he would have been surrounded by family members who gathered to celebrate with him.

But with the virus ravaging his homeland, Balachandran had to settle for congratulatory phone calls. Including one from his rather famous niece: Vice President Kamala Harris.

The retired academic said he cannot have such an elaborate function during a Zoom interview Thursday from his home in New Delhi.

Harris’ uncle says he spoke with the vice president and her husband,

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Covid Shot in the Arm Not Enough to Keep Pharmacies in Business

Tobin’s pharmacy and department store had already stocked its shelves with Easter and Mother’s Day items last spring, and the staff had just placed the Christmas orders. The shop in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, had been operating on a razor’s edge as retail sales moved online and mail-order pharmacies siphoned off its patients. It was losing money on 1 out of 4 pill bottles filled, so the front of the store, where it sold clothing, cosmetics and jewelry, had been compensating for pharmacy losses for years.

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In COVID business recovery, strong leaders can show the way

TC: This is certainly a bigger conversation—one we will not answer here—about the tension between individual rights and privacy, but also a collective responsibility we hold as a society. Collapsing levels of trust, not to mention widespread misinformation, set the preconditions for a challenging recovery. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer 2021, business, government, non-governmental organizations and media have all seen their Trust Index in the U.S. decline precipitously over the course of the last decade. Of those four institutions, business received the highest Trust Index score. Globally, in fact, business is the most-trusted institution and the only institution to

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