March 13, 2021


Which Families Will Receive the Most Money From the Stimulus Bill?

The Covid-19 relief legislation signed by President Biden on Thursday includes a larger increase in direct aid to families than in any other pandemic relief bills passed so far — an average of $6,660 for households with children, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

For 500,000 poor families with two or more children, roughly $10,000 in aid will more than double their annual income. By some estimates, the bill could cut child poverty in half this year.

The bill accomplishes this in primarily two ways: a significant increase in stimulus payments per child, and

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Plant Prefab’s 3 eco friendly Passive House LivingHomes for families

  • Plant Prefab has unveiled three models in its new Passive House LivingHomes line starting at $586,300.
  • The homes have at least three bedrooms and smart home features using Amazon’s Alexa. 
  • Plant Prefab became so popular in 2020, it had to turn away business.
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Plant Prefab, a prefab home maker that saw massive growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, has launched the Passive House LivingHomes, a line of three environmentally friendly homes for families.

There’s currently a wide range of prefabricated units available on the market, from bulletproof concrete tiny homes to smart

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