April 4, 2021


My wife’s father left her a home and money in a trust. This subsidizes our lifestyle. What happens to me if she dies?

Dear Quentin,

I live in Pennsylvania. Four years ago, my father-in-law died, leaving a trust for my wife and her two sisters. They each received a vacation home in a trust under will. My wife and I rent our home out, and the income is used toward paying for our current home and expenses. We up-sized after receiving the trust rental.

My wife has no will, and has not named me as her successor trustee in the event of her death. Neither of us has children. The income has been used jointly since receipt of the trust property. The funds

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Like Father, Like Son: Evan Greenberg Seeks Insurance Empire

Another Greenberg wants to turn an insurance-industry giant into a behemoth.

Evan Greenberg has already built Chubb Ltd. into the second-largest U.S.-listed insurer, with a market value almost double that of American International Group Inc. — the industry powerhouse his father, Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, ran for years. Now he’s looking to get even bigger.

Chubb’s proposed $23 billion acquisition of Hartford Financial Services Group Inc., announced Thursday, would expand the company’s reach into the small-business insurance industry and add a fund manager and employee-benefits operation. It comes roughly five years after Chubb combined with Ace Ltd. in what at the

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Father gets 212 years in prison for scheme that killed his autistic sons for life insurance

A California man was sentenced to more than two centuries in prison on Thursday for his plot to drive his partner and two autistic sons off a wharf at the Port of Los Angeles, killing his children, in order to collect life insurance money.

Ali F. Elmezayen, 45 was hit with the maximum sentence for charges of wire fraud, mail fraud, identity theft, and money laundering in the scheme to kill his family for millions in insurance money. U.S. District Judge John F. Walter called it an “evil and diabolical” scheme during Thursday’s sentencing.

“He is the ultimate phony and

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