April 11, 2021


The NFT Ghost Game Aavegotchi Points to the Future of Finance

Courtesy of Aavegotchi

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The $69 million sale at auction of a collage by the creator known as Beeple has drawn a rush of attention to digital artwork and nonfungible tokens, or NFTs. But the possibilities for NFTs go far beyond extravagant auction prices. Some smaller, less mainstream projects are experimenting with gamified art and decentralized finance, or DeFi. The resulting technology will have a long-lasting impact, potentially even for traditional financial products like real estate investment trusts.

The DeFi movement aims to create financial tools that minimize, or altogether remove, the need for intermediaries. Where DeFi, art, and

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MLB All Star Game boycott ‘crushing’ for Atlanta small businesses

Georgia businesses are speaking out against Major League Baseball’s (MLB) decision to punish the state’s new voting law by moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, saying the league’s decision to move the All-Star Game to Colorado was “crushing.”

Tudy Rodney of Rodney’s Jamaican Soul Food in Atlanta told FOX 5 Atlanta’s “Good Day Atlanta” on Monday that the move by the MLB was “crushing.” Rodney’s restaurant

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Cerner makes moves into the life insurance game

Electronic health record vendor Cerner announced on Wednesday that it was collaborating with New York Life to provide secure access to EHRs.

The partnership represents a move into the life insurance industry from Cerner, aimed at accelerating underwriting decisions and simplifying the application process. 

“We’re focused on helping life insurance companies return underwriting decisions quickly and accurately with near real-time digital-record delivery from across the country,” said Art Glasgow, senior vice president of strategic growth at Cerner, in a statement.  


The collaboration aims to support New York Life in accessing hospitals’ EHRs in near-real time, with patient

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NFL hires first Black female game official

The NFL has hired Maia Chaka as the first Black female official in league history. She will work games during the 2021 season.“I am honored to be selected as an NFL official,” Chaka said. “But this moment is bigger than a personal accomplishment. It is an accomplishment for all women, my community and my culture.”Chaka enters the NFL after working in the Pac-12 and Conference USA. She was selected in 2014 for the NFL’s Officiating Development Program, which identifies college officiating talent with the goal of showing them some of the same experiences as NFL officials before determining if they … Read More

Goodbye, Concert Tees? Harry Styles, Verzuz and Streaming Are Changing the Merch Game

IN THE SUMMER of 2018, Grace Hall-Ramsay attended a live Harry Styles concert in San Jose, Calif., and had a life-changing experience. The British pop star spotted the 18-year-old in the audience holding a sign that read “I’m Gonna Come Out to My Parents Because of You!” He asked for her mother’s name and—told it was Tina—proceeded to goad a crowd of thousands to yell in unison, “Tina, she’s gay.” The moment understandably went viral. Ms. Hall-Ramsey, an ardent Styler—as the singer’s fans call themselves—had planned to attend 20 Harry Styles concerts in 2020.

Over the past year,

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Financial planners warn of ruin as stock trading takes on video game traits

The individual investor has never had more power.Platforms like Robinhood have made it possible to trade stocks — for free — from your phone. Millions have signed up, and many jumped into the trading frenzy around GameStop stock in the past few weeks.But what played out in the market didn’t look like investing to many financial planners.”I’d almost put it equivalent to gambling,” said Paul West, Managing Partner at Carson Wealth. “The best long term investors look so far out into the future instead of what’s happening today.”For many of those armed with trading apps, that’s not what’s happening. Free … Read More