April 3, 2021


‘Generation’: The Personal Story Behind the Finale (Guest Column)

“This entire episode is a nod to our theme of chosen family,” teen co-creator Zelda Barnz writes for The Hollywood Reporter.  

[This story contains spoilers from the part one finale of HBO Max’s Generation.]

The birth storyline has been the start of every single episode, and throughout part one our timeline inches closer and closer to the day of Delilah’s (Lukita Maxwell) baby’s birth. I think we always knew we wanted real closure for Delilah by the end of part one.

We didn’t want to leave anything ambiguous or open-ended; we wanted to tell this story of a teenager

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How TikTok is teaching a new generation about personal finance

Now she has over 800,000 followers.

Dunlap, who notes on her website that she is not a licensed financial adviser, says her parents taught her a lot about money growing up, but she quickly realized that wasn’t the case for everyone, especially for women.

“Having a financial education as women or any marginalized group is our best form of protest and is our best way of gaining agency in a world that is increasingly inequitable,” Dunlap said.

And TikTok, she said, is leading the way in enabling a younger, more diverse group of people to both provide and gain access

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