April 22, 2021


This Is the Biggest Reason I’ve Failed at Financial Goals

The reason may surprise you.

I have set a lot of financial goals.

In many situations, I’ve succeeded at them — or I am on course to do so. But there have been notable failures. These include trying to save up a 20% down payment for my very first home, and investing the amount I wanted in retirement accounts when I was younger.

In situations where I have been unsuccessful in achieving my goals, there’s one trend that has always been part of my failure.

This is the reason I’ve failed at financial goals

When I’ve set a financial objective

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How much money is really at stake if Austin ISD doesn’t meet TEA attendance goals?

AUSTIN (KXAN) — There have been a lot of different numbers and percentages thrown around when discussing “Hold Harmless” funding for the Austin Independent School District as students close out the 2020-21 school year.

Along with those figures came a push from the school district, encouraging families to send their children to school for the final weeks of classes.

“There are six weeks left in the school year,” read a boilerplate letter sent to families across the district. “Six

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Exclusive: Wells Fargo joins wave of banks setting net-zero climate goals

The bank is setting a goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions — including from the companies and projects it finances — by 2050. It’s a major step for Wells Fargo (WFC), which has long been a major backer of oil, natural gas and coal projects that climate activists warn threaten the planet.

“This transition to a lower-carbon economy is real. And we want to be leaning into it, financing it and helping our clients through it rather than ignoring it,” Jon Weiss, CEO of corporate and investment banking at Wells Fargo, told CNN Business.

Taken together,
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Grand Forks financial manager says maintaining a good credit rating helps consumers meet financial goals

“Essentially, credit ratings are like a report card for how you handle your finances,” said Chris Moen, northern valley lead financial guide with Alerus Financial in Grand Forks. “It’s one way that lenders can determine your risk.

“With that being said, having a higher score can save you considerable amounts of money, due to better interest rates that you qualify for. It can also help you qualify for financing throughout the journey of your life, whether it be a car, a home, a business. And, really, it can help enable you to take advantage of opportunities that can actually help

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