March 12, 2021


Cash-Out Refinancings Hit Highest Level Since Financial Crisis

Americans extracted more cash from their homes through cash-out refinancings in 2020 than in any year since the financial crisis.

U.S. homeowners cashed out $152.7 billion in home equity last year, a 42% increase from 2019 and the most since 2007, according to mortgage-finance giant

Freddie Mac.

It was a blockbuster year for mortgage originations in general as well: Lenders churned out more mortgages than ever in 2020, fueled by about $2.8 trillion in refis, according to mortgage-data firm Black Knight Inc.

Some borrowers viewed cash-out refis as a way to cushion themselves against an uncertain economy last year.

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The highest paying data science jobs in finance

If you’re looking for a data science role in financial services, and are expecting to earn an enormous salary and bonus, you may well be disappointed. Data science roles in financial services come in a variety of forms and some pay a lot better than others. 

A new salary and bonus survey from recruitment firm Octavius Finance highlights the discrepancies. Not only are some roles more lucrative, but some types of employer are more generous too.

Octavius Finance splits data science jobs into five categories, defined as follows:

  • Data strategists and relationship managers: People who researching new data sources and
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