April 30, 2021


What ‘Non-Financial Assets’ Should Be Included in Your Estate Plan?

Most estate planning attorneys do a fantastic job helping their clients set up the proper legal structures to transfer financial assets, but they often don’t consider the intangibles. That’s where legacy planning comes in. Legacy planning goes beyond your financial assets and considers your impact on your family and the world.

7 Components of a Non-Financial Legacy

Consider including these intangible components in your estate planning process:

1. Beliefs, Values and Vision

The first step is identifying what you believe in. I recommend writing a Personal Legacy Statement to serve as a compass to living in a way that creates

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Is mold coverage included in my homeowners insurance policy?

Mold can be hazardous to your health and your finances. (iStock)

Mold is a kind of fungus that grows when it’s around moisture. People are exposed to mold and its spores on a daily basis but that exposure is typically harmless in small doses. But if your home becomes a haven for mold, it could increase your risk of getting sick, especially if you’re allergic.

If mold is in your home, it’s often found in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, basement or crawl space. Unlike mildew, mold isn’t easily cleaned up with household cleaning products. Once you find

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Trump Tower Chicago loan now included in New York City prosecutors’ finance investigation

CHICAGO — The Manhattan district attorney’s office subpoenaed documents from an investment company that loaned the Trump Organization millions of dollars for its Chicago skyscraper in a sign that the investigation into the former president’s finances continues to expand, people familiar with the investigation told CNN.

Prosecutors issued the grand jury subpoena to Fortress Investment Management late last year, the people said, as part of their wide-ranging investigation into former President Donald Trump and his company.

Investigators’ interest in how Trump and his company treated the Chicago loan is an expansion of an inquiry that encompasses multiple aspects of

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