April 26, 2021


Inflation has added effect on your financial plan

Inflation is the quantitative measure of how quickly the price of goods is increasing. The most common measure used to quantify this is the consumer price index, or CPI, which is determined by tracking the weighted average price for a basket of goods. This “basket” is made up of consumer goods and services such as food, medical care and transportation costs. The price changes reflected in that basket of goods are meant to assess the changes in cost of living for consumers. When we build financial plans for clients, there are a lot of variables to take into consideration, and

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Personal income leaps 10% in January thanks to stimulus, but inflation still in check

A fresh round of government stimulus checks sent personal income up to its biggest monthly gain since April 2020 though inflation remained tame, the Commerce Department reported Friday.

Personal income jumped 10% after a 0.6% increase in December. That was even higher than the 9.5% Dow Jones estimate.

The gain came from the issuance of $600 stimulus payments that Congress approved for millions of Americans, along with enhanced unemployment benefits. Consumers took those checks and spent them quickly, sending retail sales surging and pushing overall expenditures up 2.4% for the month, a touch below the estimate of 2.5%.

The slightly

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Yahoo Finance: Dave Nadig Talks Inflation, Bitcoin & Volatility

For this week’s “ETF Report” on Yahoo Finance, with host Alexis Christoforous, ETF Trends’ CIO and Director of Research, Dave Nadig, was on hand to go over a variety of areas concerning the market, including rising interest rates, inflation, precious metals, and the continued struggles over a potential bitcoin ETF.

Starting with rising interest rates and the possible rise of inflation, Nadig feels the rising growth and earning expectations may be working for investors as far as positioning portfolios and other preparations. However, it is important to recognize that inflation may be here, but it may not be hitting the

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