May 7, 2021


Those ‘your porn name’ games are scams trying to get your personal info

Your porn name is the last five digits of your social security number, the name of the street your grew up on, and the month and year you opened your bank account.

Actually, based on the most commonly used names in porn, it’s probably either “Lee” or “Nikki.” But I digress.

The point is, those “your ______ name is…” games you see on social media are scams meant to help bad actors suss out your personal information.

They might seem innocuous at first, especially if you don’t mind answering them because you’re positive you’re not giving away your personal information.

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Florida’s voting changes bill could put personal info at risk, Republican election supervisor warns

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — As GOP state lawmakers move forward with sweeping election changes in Florida, elections supervisors – even those who are also Republicans – are alarmed. One tells 8 On Your Side the proposed bill puts your personal information at risk and makes it harder to vote.

Florida had a smooth election in 2020. Still, GOP lawmakers say they want to make a good thing even better. Their proposed bill, which a Florida House panel approved Monday, changes our state’s voter registration process, vote-by-mail system, monitoring requirements for drop boxes and more.

Proponents say they want to increase

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Japan’s personal info watchdog considers legal action against Line

The Personal Information Protection Commission said Friday that it will consider legal action against Line Corp. after users’ data was left accessible at a Chinese affiliate.

The government commission said it has demanded that the messaging app provider and its parent, Z Holdings Corp., submit reports on the issue under the personal information protection law.

The two companies were told to report details of their business activities, including a list of its contractors abroad, the scope of personal data in Japan accessible by overseas companies and log data. The deadline for the report is Tuesday.

The companies may be fined

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