May 12, 2021


Personal Finance Book by Couple With 14 Kids Offers Smart Money Advice

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  • Rob and Sam Fatzinger are the authors of a new book about living debt-free with 14 kids.
  • They share smart strategies for budgeting, saving, and paying off debt, regardless of family size.
  • The kids range in age from 4 to 31, and several share their own insights in the book.
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Sam and Rob Fatzinger are a lot like the average American couple.

In their new book, “A Catholic Guide to Spending Less and Living

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When to Give Inheritance Money to Your Kids

Should an inheritance be strictly an inheritance, to be left to children when their parents die? Or should parents use at least some of that money while they’re still alive to help out their adult children financially? And if parents give while they’re alive, how much should they give and when?

Of course, every family is different—both in terms of what they can afford and what brings them joy. But there are some things every family should consider when deciding how to pass wealth from one generation to the next. The Wall Street Journal invited three financial advisers to discuss

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5 Strategies to Teach Kids Financial Independence

It’s been said that every crisis has a silver lining. For many, today’s challenging environment presents a unique opportunity to get creative in how we teach the next generation about wealth and the strategies to manage it.

Just as you work hard to secure your own financial future and legacy, it’s also important to ensure that your loved ones can navigate their own financial independence. In my career, I have used quite a few tactics to help prepare the next generation, and I have found the following five strategies to be most effective. But before digging into each strategy, let’s

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An Age-By-Age Guide to Teaching Kids About Money

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Photo: Nadia Leskovskaya (Shutterstock)

In my experience, this is the age that kids really get into the concept of earning money themselves, if they haven’t already. They may be running their own lemonade stand (or neighborhood franchise?) by now or thinking of other things they could sell, whether it be personalized drawings, hand-drawn comic books, or colorful painted rocks.

My pre-teen nieces once set up a “store” full of their original artwork at my parents’ house, and you better believe we all took turns walking through and purchasing a slew of treasures—they even made personalized bags and

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Teaching financial literacy to kids can shrink the Black wealth gap

(State of financial education: Many money problems Americans face could have been avoided if financial literacy was taught earlier in school. That knowledge helps create a foundation for students to build strong money habits early and avoid many mistakes that lead to a lifelong of money struggles. This story is part of a series looking at the current financial education landscape in this country.)

Kinsha Sidibe is a freshman in high school and she’s already learning about personal finance.

It’s not because the state she lives in, Pennsylvania, mandates the education. It’s thanks to a program run by a nonprofit,

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LA teachers union, school district sued by parents claiming closures cause ‘personal injury’ to kids

Los Angeles parents are suing the local school district and teachers union for continuing school closures amid the coronavirus pandemic, claiming that students have suffered academically and emotionally as a result.

The personal injury lawsuit filed this week named the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) union, and UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz as defendants, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.


The suit alleges that the LAUSD failed to uphold its standard of acting in the best interest of students

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