April 29, 2021


‘Highly unique’ circumstances led to lack of insurance coverage for most Malden residents

When Rachel Blakely talks about the day her house burned down in Malden, she has a good sense of humor.

She jokes about how she didn’t think the fire would get to town, how her son burned the tread off his tires going back into town too soon to see if their homes had survived, and how “stupidly” her little shed survived when everything around it burned.

But that humor goes away when she talks about the days after, when everything was uncertain, when she only had the clothes on her back, when she realized she didn’t have a home.

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Money, not Kobe, led Lakers to trade Shaq to Miami

In the fall of 2003, the Lakers held their training camp in Hawaii. Team owner Jerry Buss was sitting courtside at the University of Hawaii for a preseason game where Shaquille O’Neal was having a big game, and after one dunk ran up the court past Buss and said, “Now you gonna pay me?”

It was that contract — and not pressure from Kobe Bryant — that led the Lakers to trade Shaq to Miami.

At least that’s what current Lakers owner Jeanie Buss told Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on the latest episode of the “All The Smoke” podcast.

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Brexit Led Over 440 Finance Firms to Shift Some Business to EU

Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

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The U.K.’s departure from the European Union pushed more than 440 financial firms to move at least some of their operations, staff, assets or legal entities from Britain to the bloc.

That includes 126 asset management firms, 81 banks and 65 insurers, according to a report published Friday by New Financial, a London-based think tank.


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The trade-offs that led to $1 million net worth at age 35

  • A man with a $1 million net worth said getting there required some sacrifice.
  • Moving away from family was the first hard decision, but it changed the trajectory of his and his wife’s financial life.
  • They started degree programs, which limited their social life, and remained conscious about spending even as their income went up.
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Sacrifice is almost always required when you have big financial goals.

For Drock, a lobbyist who lives in Washington, DC, and his wife, the road to a $1 million net worth by 35 was littered with trade-offs. 

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